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Why text-based communication is confusing

We’ve all seen it before, whether it was through a text message to a friend or an email to a coworker. Somehow — despite our best efforts — a message gets misunderstood, misread, or misfiled, and leads to trouble. It’s been the subject of more than a few jokes, and we all agree it happens. […]

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Touring Alcatraz with Orion Onyx

Recently, my family took me on a surprise trip to Alcatraz for my birthday. As is standard practice on the weekends, we donned our Onyx and connected to Orion so that we’re connected when we need it. Just getting out of the house with the diaper bag, snacks, and having all children accounted for, was […]

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Uncloaking Orion: Behind the Scenes with Dan Phung

From studying fruit flies, to getting fired from The Strand, to working at Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits, Orion Software Engineer and resident data diver Dan Phung is all about the hustle. He recently gave a talk and interview at the Splunk .conf 2015, titled “Reaching for the Stars by Splunking Orion: A Distributed Near Real-Time […]

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An interview with Gabe Schubiner of Decibel Festival

Last weekend saw the 12th annual Decibel Festival, a Seattle-based electronic music festival aiming to expose attendees to leading-edge multimedia art from around the globe. We had a chance to catch up with Gabe Schubiner, one of the all-volunteer staff that works behind the scenes to make DB Fest a reality, about how he came to work […]

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Orion Named 2015 “Fierce 15” Winner by FierceWireless

Orion is proud to announce that we were recently named to the FierceWireless “Fierce 15” list for 2015. The “Fierce 15” highlights and honors some of the most innovative and promising privately held wireless companies, as selected by FierceWireless editors. Editors Sue Marek, Mike Dano and Phil Goldstein declared Orion to be among the top […]

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The Trouble with Text

Today’s communication scene is dominated by typing words on a device (text messaging, tweeting, emailing or communicating using a number of emerging text-driven apps). Whether you’re grabbing a cup of coffee or walking around your office, chances are, there’s someone in your vicinity whose head is buried in his or her phone, tapping away to friends. […]

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Orion in Action at Twitter for Good

Twice a year, Twitter employees come together to participate in an event called #FridayforGood, lending a hand to nonprofits and community organizations. This spring, 1,500 eager Twitter employees joined forces to volunteer for over 70 different programs across the globe. Orion was thrilled to be invited to provide communication solutions for the day. I went to assist alongside […]

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What’s in a Symbol? Behind the New Orion Logo

When Orion decided to rebrand earlier this year, we knew we had a lot of projects ahead of us. The foremost was creating a new logo to lead the expression of our company identity. We wanted to be thoughtful in our approach. As a rapidly growing company, we needed a logo that could grow with […]

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Running with Onyx

Since Onyx was released last year, we’ve seen several different ways people are putting theirs to use. We’ve shared stories about skiing and cycling with you, but we’ve also seen tweets from people using their Onyx while running. So, we decided to check in with some of those runners. When friends Riley and Whitney started […]

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