Coordinate and Centralize Operational Visibility, Management, and Decision-Making for Your Employees and Headquarters

Connect your deskless workers to headquarters, regional, and team management with the next generation of operational control.

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Powerful Console-Based Control, Dispatch, and Oversight

Communicate with distributed teams and handle dispatch with web-based PTT via a browser. Create control at centralized, regionalized, and localized levels for team empowerment and accountability.

Advanced Location Services

Create centralized or distributed location visibility, mapping, management, and decision-making with advanced location services. Leverage real-time geolocation of each employee for better response, safety, and accountability, and utilize 3D (x-, y-, and z-axis) indoor location for asset and team member tracking beyond GPS capabilities.

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Dynamic Situation Management

Utilize dynamic tracking, emergency response, safety, and compliance. Deliver on-demand intelligence and empowerment for changing situations, including emergencies and crises.

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Archiving and Compliance

Record, play back, and archive all employee messages and interactions, including voice, text, and visual media. Search and retrieve information at organizational, group, and user levels, as well as by date and time.

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“At a past event, we tested the LTE connected solution from [major radio vendor], and nobody on the team wanted to use it. When we deployed Orion’s enterprise voice and advanced location services at our biggest annual event, we saw a huge difference in adoption. Our teams enthusiastically adopted Orion, and we immediately expanded our use beyond the original scope.”

The Orion Command Center empowers your headquarters, regions, teams, and connected workers to effectively communicate with each other, so your organization can make better decisions and ultimately impact employee productivity, customer engagement, and safety and compliance. Create unlimited groups and users within your Orion Command Center and rapidly onboard new users.

Globally-scalable, organization-wide visibility and accountability empowers your deskless workforce and the entire digital organization.

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