Orion Command Center: Orion is now even better for teams

Orion Command Center, Orion Apps, and Orion Devices

New tools give teams more control and increase efficiency

Today we’re proud to announce Orion Command Center and new additions to Orion Pro, our subscription service plan for companies and organizations who want to empower their teams to accomplish more together in less time. These new updates give companies greater control and flexibility over how employees work and communicate.

Today’s update empowers Orion Pro group leaders to more easily set up groups and manage user permissions, improving security while also streamlining communication. It comes on the heels of our new talk button feature that turns Orion’s mobile app into a walkie-talkie app, helping people choose voice tools that fit the way they work.

Here’s what one of our customers has to say about Orion Pro:

“Our pediatric facility spans three specialized centers, a dozen health care providers, and even more staffers tending to the need of thousands of patients, seven days a week. To say the least, communication is key,” says Dr. Mark A Long at Kennesaw Pediatrics. “Orion Pro has made it so much easier for our staff to stay in sync so we can provide better care for our patients. Being able to mix and match devices with the Orion app for our desk staff and Onyx for our mobile team means everyone is able to stay in touch in a way that works for their role.”

What’s in Orion Command Center

New Talk Modes for Groups

We’ve created multiple new talk modes for Orion that admins can use to better organize their groups. For example, Single Speaker Mode prevents users from talking over one another. And the new Broadcast Mode gives organization leaders the ability to broadcast one-way messages to employees. Both these modes eliminate chatter and noise in situations or meetings that demand more clarity. With these new talk modes, each user will experience Orion Pro in unique new ways that enhance productivity across the board.

New Talk Modes for Individuals

People can also make Onyx work better for them with advanced Onyx settings. Previously, to talk with Onyx, you had to press and hold to talk. But that doesn’t work for everyone. Today we’re launching latched mode, an often-requested feature, allowing Onyx users to start sending messages with a short tap instead of pushing the talk button while speaking. Users also can set Onyx to send timed messages of a pre-set length (2-5 seconds).

Advanced Onyx Notifications

When discretion is needed (e.g. working security or high-profile events), users and admins can disable any vibrations or lights.

More Admin Controls for Groups and Users

In the Orion Command Center, our admin portal, administrators can better manage their Orion groups and users. Keep Orion groups more secure by locking down invitation permissions, or turn off sharing for magic join links. Also, admins can now more easily reset passwords for users and remove users from their Orion organizations.

How to get Orion Pro

All this is available in the web-based Orion Command Center, available to all Orion Pro customers. If you already use Orion Pro, log in to see all the new features available. Or read more on the knowledge base:

Not yet a Pro customer and want to know more? Get more details.