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SF Pride Draws More People Than Ever; Rock Medicine Provides Free Medical Support – #OrionSupports

Welcome to Orion Supports, a series focusing on how Orion’s technology is being implemented across different industries to improve productivity, strengthen communities, and even save lives. One of those industries is healthcare, where Orion has valued a 5-year partnership with Rock Medicine (also known as Rock Med), an organization that has been providing free “non-judgmental […]

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Video Review: Automate Your Life Rates Onyx 9 of 10

Orion is “the next level of team communication.” So says reviewer Brian Read from Automate Your Life, a video blog focused on home and business automation. In a new video, Brian shares his Onyx review and rates its technology, automation capabilities, and more. Read our recap and watch the video below to learn why he rated […]

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5 Ways Enterprise Companies Are Succeeding with Orion Push to Talk

  Voice-enabled devices are appearing everywhere in the technology landscape. Smart speakers, TVs, gaming consoles, watches, and of course our own smartphones all have voice technology built into them now. “Voice is primed to become a productivity powerhouse,” as Orion CEO Jesse Robbins wrote in Forbes earlier this year. And enterprise push-to-talk is a cornerstone […]

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The Power of Voice Technology in the Enterprise

Voice technology is predicted to become a billion-dollar industry and enterprise adoption is becoming more widespread as new offerings come to market. In fact, it’s estimated that one in six Americans now own a smart speaker, a staggering increase of 128 percent since January 2017. Major investments in voice are coming from tech powerhouses, like Amazon […]

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Orion Labs Launches AppTalk for Android, Extending its Push-to-Talk Platform Capabilities and Real-Time Team Communication and Collaboration for a Wide Variety of Phones

Talk Button Transforms Android Devices into Easy-to-Use Collaboration Tools, Enabling Enterprises to Extend the Power and Simplicity of Push-to-Talk to More of Their Workforce SAN FRANCISCO, May 16, 2018 — Orion Labs, provider of the award-winning Orion voice-enabled platform for real-time workforce communication and collaboration, today announced that it has extended its services by launching […]

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Announcing AppTalk Plus and Orion Radio Bridge

Announcing AppTalk Plus and Orion Radio Bridge: Extending powerful voice collaboration platform to LMR and rugged phones Orion Labs is proud to announce AppTalk Plus and Orion Radio Bridge. Now teams using rugged smartphones and traditional land mobile radio (LMR) systems can use their voice to trigger automated processes, access critical information, and stay connected […]

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Orion Labs Delivers Powerful Voice Technology for Team Communication and Collaboration

Orion Labs expands its product portfolio with the new Orion Radio Bridge for interoperability with traditional land mobile radio (LMR) systems and launches AppTalk Plus for Android via collaboration with device manufacturers Kyocera Mobile and Sonim Technologies. Orion broadens its customer reach through collaboration with JPS Interoperability Solutions around its RoIP API. Orion further expands […]

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Orion Command Center: Orion is now even better for teams

New tools give teams more control and increase efficiency Today we’re proud to announce Orion Command Center and new additions to Orion Pro, our subscription service plan for companies and organizations who want to empower their teams to accomplish more together in less time. These new updates give companies greater control and flexibility over how […]

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