Provide an exceptional guest experience with Orion. Handling guest needs quickly and conducting daily operations smoothly is essential to guest satisfaction. With Orion, managers and service staff coordinate easily to deliver welcoming guest experiences and successful events. With Orion, your staff can use a variety of devices, integrating with existing systems, to save time, respond rapidly to issues, and provide a high level of service.

How Orion benefits Hospitality organizations

  • Discreet, fast, professional communication
  • Lightweight wearables for deskless workers and app- based solutions for desk staff
  • Locate and page needed team members
  • Instantly translate guest requests to assure correct service
  • Notify managers of important issues automatically, while they are being resolved by staff
  • Automatically notify staff of upcoming scheduled events
  • Enhance safety protocols for lone workers


Coordinate without headaches by integrating real-time communications into your operations. Keep up with drivers, pickups, deliveries, mechanics, engineers, service technicians and more with Orion’s push-to-talk solutions. Orion integrates with your existing systems and is compatible with all carrier and Wi-Fi networks.

How Orion benefits Transportation providers

  • Real-time driver and team member locations
  • Heads-up communication for service and safety
  • Lightweight wearables for workers
  • Integrates with existing LMR systems


Minimize staff downtime by empowering them with instant voice communications from Orion. Orion push-to-talk solutions help workers talk easily without interrupting their workflow. Compatibility with multiple devices means you can connect workers at all levels of the company, whether they’re inside or outside the plant.

How Orion benefits Manufacturing plants

  • Compatible with earpieces for loud environments
  • Create rapid safety response processes with Orion panic workflows
  • Use any carrier or Wi-Fi network, and bridge to your LMR systems
  • Check inventory or fill reports using voice commands
  • Administer groups of users with Orion Pro web tools

Energy & Mining

Increase worker safety and productivity, streamline communication, and speed up standard operating procedures with the Orion Voice Platform and AI Workflows. Expand your communications strategy cost-effectively, track critical business assets, and keep your operations running smoothly.

How Orion benefits Energy & Mining firms

  • Expand communications range and capacity
  • Use any carrier or Wi-Fi network, and bridge to your traditional Land Mobile Radio systems
  • Improve productivity and efficiency with voice-driven SOP Workflows
  • Create comprehensive safety response processes for job sites using Emergency workflows
  • View precise asset or team location even in GPS-deprived environments
  • Enable team members to use any of a broad variety of device options
  • Dispatch and manage groups from a web-based interface


Turn shoppers into die-hard enthusiasts by giving them a seamless shopping experience with Orion voice solutions. Store associates, specialty sales people, and management need to solve problems rapidly every day to ensure operations are complete, satisfaction stays high, and sales targets are met. Use push-to-talk and automated inventory systems to deliver high levels of service and reduce time spent on repetitive processes.

How Orion benefits Retailers

  • Use your voice for inventory checks and delivery requests
  • Page needed team members and view their location
  • Compatible with earpieces for discretion
  • Compatible with Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems, Wi-Fi, and all carriers


Save time on projects and keep costs down with Orion push-to-talk voice solutions and bots. Orion integrates with your existing systems and devices and helps your workers talk easily without looking away from work. Orion wearables are lightweight and easy-to-use while wearing gloves or holding tools.

How Orion benefits Construction firms

  • Check in with multiple project locations and crews
  • Allow management to override conversations with single-speaker mode
  • Turn your workers’ rugged phones into walkie-talkies and smart voice assistants
  • Create comprehensive safety response processes for job sites using Man Down/Lone Worker bots
  • View worker locations on a single map and page needed staff
  • Communicate across language barriers


Improve your organization’s efficiency and level of service by connecting your staff with real-time voice communication. Orion solutions help you get answers and help when needed, instead of wasting valuable staff time with missed phone or text messages. Coordinate appointments and activity across the building or across your campus by connecting caregivers, reception staff, and administration.

How Orion benefits Healthcare providers

  • View staff locations to request help from the right people
  • Check in and check out with front desks
  • Enable faster responses to urgent situations with Orion’s panic workflow
  • Get on-the-go reminders of upcoming appointments and log conversations with IFTTT

Public Safety

Today’s complex security and logistical challenges demand that public safety teams maintain high situational awareness, integrate the right data, and stay in sync. Orion helps public safety teams make better decisions faster and eliminate gaps in operations. And when Orion interfaces with systems and tools they already use, team members accomplish more than ever.

How Orion benefits Public Safety teams

  • Unlimited range and group size
  • Speed up operations with push-to-talk
  • Strong encryption protects your communications
  • Instantly translate citizen conversations for easier community relations
  • Voice commands speed up operations: check capacity at area hospitals, enter data into Patient Care Records, and query your own systems

Parks and Recreation

Offer excellent customer service for residents and visitors. Keeping track of all your operations can be difficult when team members are spread out across all your sites, conducting daily operations or overseeing field trips and tours. And for organizations that rely on large numbers of young or senior volunteers, ease of use is paramount when it comes to helping staff quickly address customer needs that come up.

How Orion benefits Parks and Recreation organizations

  • Heads-up communication enhances service and safety
  • Communicate quickly between staff and main office
  • View real-time team member locations for better coordination
  • Wearables help younger workers provide a more professional experience