Intelligent Communication and Collaboration Software to Connect Transportation Teams

Leading transportation and logistics departments are rethinking communication solutions as part of their overall digital transformation strategies, laser-focused on driving productivity and safety for their drivers and across their fleets.

Orion is the award-winning voice-first communication platform that helps transportation teams digitally transform their communications for greater productivity and safety.

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Communicate in Dynamic Environments as Routes and Schedules Change

Plans are continuously changing, and transportation teams need the communication platform to respond and meet all commitments. Dynamically direct fleet movements with Orion’s web-based Operations Console, providing operational control, voice dispatch, and location tracking services in any web browser — with no software to install.

Utilize Unlimited Range Voice Push-to-Talk (PTT) in Emergency Situations

Keep passengers and drivers safe with real-time PTT communication when incidents arise in vehicles, at worksites, or anywhere else in the world.

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Optimize Drivers, Dispatch, and Fleet Operations

Don’t miss out on data from your vehicle fleet. Orion understands your operation’s peak call times, peak location activity, which drivers frequently call dispatch, and other data. Orion helps you optimize your fleet operations for greater productivity.

Integrate Push-to-Talk Overlay Functionality into Any In-Vehicle Application Suite

We work with Transportation leaders on digitally transforming their communications with a Push-to-Talk overlay integrated with their existing applications. Always have voice PTT available no matter what software is foregrounded.

Process Automation for Transportation and Logistics Operations

Transportation operations need automation solutions that keep their drivers hands-free, heads-up, and focused on their job in both routine and urgent situations. Orion automates routine processes and delivers increased productivity across a variety of everyday tasks, like forms and checklists

Standard Operating Procedures
Standard Operating Procedures

Mitigate risk while saving staff time. Using their voice, drivers initiate and complete safety checklists, dispatching mechanics when required. Record and archive SOPs to meet compliance requirements.

Radio Check
Radio Check

Make dispatcher time count for more. Have Bots confirm to drivers they are online without requiring dispatch to respond, saving hours a day when managing large fleets.

Emergency Alerts
Emergency Alerts

Enable the fastest, most accurate response to an emergency. When a predetermined phrase is spoken, an Orion Bot kicks off a preset workflow and alerts safety teams with important location data.

Transportation and Logistics Companies Using Voice-First Intelligent Collaboration

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The Future of Voice at Work

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