A Day in the Life of a Hotel Using the Orion Voice-First Intelligent Platform

Here’s a look at the workday of a name brand hotel in the Northeastern USA using the Orion platform. Learn how Orion team communication and AI Workflows improve every operational aspect of a hotel and makes every team member more effective:

Morning: Quick response to emergent issues

7:01 am: The Assistant General Manager wakes up to a sick child. He signs into Orion Push to Talk on his personal iPhone and notifies his managers that he’ll be in late. Driving to the drugstore for cough syrup, he listens in on hotel operations. He uses the map to review the location for grounds crew, housekeepers, and shuttle drivers. Everyone is exactly where they need to be and running smoothly, and thanks to Orion, he’s sure of it.

8:08 am: A Maintenance Engineer discovers a leak between floors. Getting into the crawl space to assess and taking out his company-issued Android device, they activate an SOP Workflow by saying “Take an order” in the Maintenance Team group. Following the prompts, they put in an inventory order and a maintenance order on the spot, while directly observing the issue and speaking the order into his device. The orders are automatically emailed to the Manager on Duty for approval, saving time and providing documentation for later reference.

10:22 am: The Housekeeping Inspector discovers that a linen closet is missing half its sheets. She checks the logs and can’t figure out where they could’ve gone. Worried, she activates Orion. In the housekeeping group, she asks the Housekeepers if they know what happened to the linen. None do. The Manager on Duty replies: “Another property needed them. We’ve got replacements on the way. Sorry I didn’t write it down.” The Housekeeping Inspector can then move on with her checklist without needlessly looking for more supplies.

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Afternoon: Rapid collaboration across engineering, housekeeping, and shuttle teams to provide excellent guest services

12:06 pm: The Front Desk Associate on duty is approached by an upset guest: their bathroom floor is covered in water, and water is trickling down the walls! They’ve been affected by the leak discovered earlier. Without breaking eye contact, the Front Desk Associate reports the issue to Maintenance and Housekeeping. With another tap of the Onyx device, the Front Desk Associate summons a Bellhop to help the guest move rooms.

2:05 pm: A Housekeeper logs their work by speaking to an automated workflow. After cleaning a room, they press the Onyx she’s wearing (connected to their iPod touch) and says “Clean room 1344” to activate the workflow. The log is automatically entered into a shared spreadsheet, giving management a complete overview of housekeeping activity at any moment.

2:32 pm: 500 miles away, the General Manager is attending a regional hospitality conference. During a break, she logs into Orion on her phone. Instantly, she’s interacting with her staff. Using direct messaging, she quickly checks in with the AGM, Front desk manager, and Facilities manager. Without tapping out lengthy replies, she answers a few questions before returning to the meeting.

3:10 pm: A Shuttle Driver stuck in traffic with an unusually full van realizes that he’ll be late for his next pickup at the hotel. Reaching over, he presses the hardware push to talk button on the Orion device that’s cradled in the van. He informs the front desk and other drivers, who get the backup shuttle into action.

Because the team can view the delayed driver’s location on Command Center, the Front Desk Associates can alert valets and other staff just before the latecomers arrive onsite.

3:25 pm: Afternoon travelers are crowding in, and the Front Desk is fully occupied. Fortunately, Valets and Bell Staff are already on hand and ready to assist guests as soon as they alight from the shuttles.

4:08 pm: Shift change! The evening shift arrives, and the day shift hands off. In the hotel’s equipment room, the oncoming shift picks up the iPod Touch and Onyx devices used by the day staff.

4:45 pm: Late in the day, the General Manager at the conference hears of new regulations requiring hotels to equip lone housekeepers with access to emergency services. For properties using legacy communications systems, this would cause concern and require a review of the entire communications system. However, with the Orion voice platform fully deployed, all of the hotel’s housekeepers already have emergency buttons in the form of smart Emergency Workflows.

The Emergency Workflow allows the team to raise an alarm by activating Orion on their smart device and speaking an activation phrase. From there, everyone in the Orion group or organization is notified. Further, emails or text messages can be automatically sent out with the location, time and name of the person, as well as what they said.

Evening: Last travelers arrive and nightlife begins

5:20 pm: Happy hour is in full swing in the hotel bar. One of the guests, excited about a convention tomorrow and seeing all his long distance friends again, has accidentally overindulged! The Bartender spots this and uses Orion indoor positioning services to find the nearest security agent, and direct messages him to come help in a discreet manner.

6:15 pm: Where are the lobsters?! The Hospitality Awards start at the hotel’s main ballroom in 90 minutes. The Head Chef, busy preparing a salad for 50, presses the Onyx on her lapel. Instantly she connects to the Catering Director and asks, “Do we have an ETA on the lobsters?”

The Catering Director in her office calls the lobster vendor. He says there was a delay, but the truck should arrive in 15 minutes. The Catering Director, using Orion Push to Talk on her iPhone, tells the Head Chef, who can then make the best use of staff time by having them start torching the crème brûlée instead.

Late night: The hotel never sleeps

12:08 am: It’s late. The staff has shrunk down to the graveyard crew. Nearly everyone now is a lone worker: one Manager on Duty, one Maintenance Engineer, and a Guest Services Representative. Even though they work at a physical distance, they can still keep in touch as if they were in the same room, thanks to Orion. With All-Call and Emergency Workflows a touch away, they can alert each other instantly of anything needing attention.

Orion helped this hotel get through its day with efficiency and compliance

This is just one day at our Northeastern US hotel, a typical day with its own challenges. Each challenge requires a quick response from a different staff member, and hospitality teams need to be able to communicate instantly. Team members also save time and effort by using AI Workflows, which keeps everyone focused on what’s important — delivering an extraordinary guest experience.

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