Onyx: Smart and Wearable Push-to-Talk Accessory

Stay in touch while focusing on the work at hand. Onyx provides all the benefits of the Orion platform.

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Why Use a Hands-Free PTT Accessory Like Onyx?

Onyx works anywhere, with any device, on any network, to give your team voice-first, multimodal communication and more.

A Push-to-Talk Accessory That Lets You Keep Your Focus

Talk, adjust volume, and set to “Silent” all by feel — without breaking focus or looking down. Onyx makes communication easy and intuitive, even for users who are new to push-to-talk.

No Limits and Unlimited Distance

Onyx is the push-to-talk accessory that works on any network, with any device, over any distance. There are no limits on the number of people, conversations, or channels you can create.

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A Smart Walkie-Talkie That Helps Your Team Get More Done

Activate Voice AI Bots for even greater productivity. Bots provide expert information and are always listening for key words to assist in case of emergency. Leading organizations speed up their incident response with Orion Push-to-Talk 2.0 and Voice AI Bots.

A Push-to-Talk Accessory That Fits Your Work Styles

The award-winning Onyx is available in neutral or eye-catching colors to suit casual or dressy environments. It’s the best-looking PTT wearable you can get. And you can wear it your way: Onyx clips onto a lapel, pocket, belt, or strap. You can also plug in a headset or earpiece for discreet communication in public environments.

Easy to Use App for Better Coordination

Easy-to-Use App for Better Coordination

Orion Voice Bots:
  • Invite people to a group / conversation
  • Easily share a link to your group/conversation via email, meeting invite, messaging apps, and more
  • Create new groups for each team, event, or project
  • See where your team members are on the in-app map
  • See who is available to chat, who is set to “Silent”, and who is offline
  • Page people who are offline or set to “Silent”
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What’s Included

Orion onxy




travel Pouch


Technical Specifications

Onxy silver voice badge

Dual microphones
Volume control
Headphone port (3.5mm)
Silent mode

Size & Weight
Body depth: 15.7mm (.63in)
Body diameter: 50mm (2in)
Weight: 35g (1.23oz)

Bluetooth LE
Antenna allows range of up to 30 ft from your phone

Power & Battery
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery
Charges via included micro-USB cable

5 LED display lights

Dust-resistant IP5x rating
Operating temperature range 14F to 122F (-10C to 50C) up to 93% humidity

Using Onyx requires the Orion Labs app, currently supported on iOS and Android devices using Bluetooth LE (4.0+). View supported device list. Please contact us at if you’re unsure whether your phone will support Onyx.

Woman wearing the ONYX Push-To-Talk(PTT) Button

Orion Onyx Wearable Fact Sheet

Learn about the smart wearable voice badge for secure, heads-up push-to-talk communication

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