2019 Mobile Command Center Expo: Solving Interoperability with Orion Push-To-Talk

It was a beautiful day for last week’s Mobile Command Center Expo (MCCE) in San Francisco, which brought together a wide range of public safety professionals including sworn officers, volunteer agencies and public safety vendors. Mobile command posts from across the San Francisco Bay Area showcased the inner workings of their operations that are designed to enable communication and coordination between multiple responding agencies.

The Orion team was on the ground, demonstrating the benefits of the Orion Voice Platform and our unique offering of AI workflows for the public safety industry. The team gave live demos of the award-winning Onyx and the Orion app to members of the North Valley Animal Disaster Group, San Francisco Fire Department, Sacramento County Sheriff Department, and many more. Throughout the Expo, three key takeaways emerged:

For First Responders, Internet Access Is King

MCCE exhibitors were focused on delivering internet to mobile command units in order to retrieve more data from teams in the field. Orion’s Voice Platform uniquely addresses this challenge by providing first responders with a FirstNet Certified, intuitive service that delivers unlimited range and enables teams with easy access to clear channels that receive priority on networks.

First responders can experience all that Orion has to offer with a simple internet connection, whether using their own existing device or a dedicated Orion device.

Solving Interoperability with One Ubiquitous Network

Public safety teams need more than traditional Land Mobile Radio systems can provide. At this year’s MCCE, the Orion team spoke with a large number of volunteer agencies who perform narrowly defined functions across large service areas. The North Valley Animal Disaster Group, for instance, rescues animals in disasters far from home. Because these jobs are very specific, they must be done over a larger service area, which is only possible when using a ubiquitous network. That’s where Orion comes in.

Orion’s next-generation solution enables teams from different organizations to communicate with one another in real time, solving the challenge of interoperability, enhancing public safety workflows, and saving lives.

Public Safety Preparedness Is Paramount

Held on the anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, MCCE proved that public safety preparedness is still top-of-mind among professionals in the industry. Orion is at the forefront of such advancements, equipping users with a host of voice bots that enhance the way first responders address emergency situations. Orion’s Emergency AI workflow, for instance, initiates emergency workflows with an emergency keyword like “help,” based on the user’s tone of voice and sentiment. The message is then transcribed with a GPS pin so those on duty can respond accordingly.

One of our favorite key moments from MCCE was equipping “Torque”, a reconnaissance dog from Recon Canines (trained to sniff out electronics), with her very own Orion badge.