Take Watson with You: Orion at IBM Think 2019

IBM Think - Photo by @ibmlive on Twitter

More than 50,000 business and technology leaders and developers convened in San Francisco for the annual IBM Think Conference. Desmond Thorsson, a Technologist at Orion, was on the ground to present a tech talk alongside John Walicki, CTO of IBM’s Global Technology Advocacy team.

Presenting to IBM Watson AI developers with John Walicki and Desmond Thorsson

Walicki and Thorsson taught developers how to connect Orion to the IBM Cloud to take Watson AI on the go. Orion with Watson AI is a perfect option for first responders, call centers, and AI-enabled team collaboration.

What can Orion and Watson AI do together?

By integrating Orion’s platform with Watson AI into a workflow process software called Node-RED, developers can program flows that use Watson speech-to-text, text-to-speech, language translation, tone analyzer, and personality insights.

The smooth integration enables Orion to listen to a user, extract metadata, and synthesize it to take action. For example, developers can use Watson AI to monitor a user’s sentiment and tone to detect whether they are under stress or in danger. The use case is similar to Orion’s Panic Bot, which initiates emergency workflows with an emergency keyword like “help”. Watson AI can trigger these workflows automatically based on tone of voice and sentiment, enhancing worker safety in the field.

“IBM Watson AI bots cover everything from workspace hazard safety checklists to luxury travel reservations,” said Thorsson. “With tools like Node-RED and Orion Aster, we turn these tools into voices on your Orion group wherever you use it, giving you the power to take Watson with you.”

As voice emerges as the next powerhouse for productivity, 2019’s IBM Think conference showcased Orion’s integration with Watson AI as an easy-to-use, practical solution for the marketplace across a wide range of industries.

Try Watson AI with Orion today

To learn more about how Orion Aster works, watch Orion Founder and CEO Jesse Robbins presenting Orion Aster at the Twilio SIGNAL conference.

To learn more about Watson AI, visit IBM’s website.