Orion at HITEC 2021: See Orion’s Voice-First Communication and Collaboration Platform First-Hand

Learn How Orion’s Intelligent Collaboration Platform Transforms Hospitality Operations

Hospitality operations leaders know they must equip their teams with communication and collaboration technology that enhances guest experience, improves safety, and boosts productivity. Radios and limited PTT apps just don’t cut it anymore.

Orion’s platform offers a transformational alternative. We support our hospitality customers as they provide the highest levels of service and safety to guests. They also see improved team productivity while working in extremely dynamic hospitality environments.

Join us September 27 – 30 for HITEC 2021 Dallas at Booth 3914 to learn how we can support team communication and collaboration for your hospitality operations.

HITEC 2021 - Hospitality team collaboration from Orion

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Digitally Transform Your Hospitality Operations with Orion’s Frontline Communication and Collaboration Platform

Orion’s voice-first intelligent collaboration platform empowers hospitality operations with:

Team Communication / PTT 2.0

HITEC 2021 - Hospitality team collaboration from OrionOrion empowers hospitality teams with voice-first multimodal collaboration that includes high-quality push-to-talk audio, text, and visual media across any device. Hospitality teams communicate in ad hoc, 1:1, or limited group environments that enable managers to connect directly with relevant workers like food and beverage service, housekeeping, security, engineering, spa, grounds, transportation, and front desk teams.

Organizations gain limitless scalability over any distance and on any network, including LTE (5G-ready), private LTE (CRBS), Wi-Fi, satellite, and mesh. Orion’s collaboration platform supports the diverse requirements of each hospitality organization, whether they operate in densely populated buildings, sprawling campuses, or remote locations.

Cross-Departmental Collaboration and Operational Control

HITEC 2021 - Hospitality team collaboration from Orion

Orion’s web dispatch console with advanced location services tracks staff activity throughout the building and supports management in deploying additional resources when and where they are needed, including in urgent and dynamic situations. Orion delivers real-time location and contextual data for Hospitality teams — so you can always know where your employees are, what they’re doing, and how they’re performing. Managers measure results and productivity metrics, then optimize.

Process Automation

Orion voice-activated automations empower your workforce to focus on higher-value tasks and automate routine tasks like checklists, standard operating procedures, and more. All processes are recorded and archived offering management greater control and actionable insights to improve operations.

Emergency Response

Guest and worker safety is mission-critical for hospitality operations dispersed across a facility or campus. Orion’s panic button and emergency alerts enhance safety for your frontline workers at the push of a button, and trigger words like “help-help” or “fire” start workflows that alert responders to the location, deploy resources, and alert managers. All-call communication also alerts all workers of threats or emergencies. Managers, janitors, housekeeping, security, and front-of-house team members are supported at all times, no matter where they are in the facility or off campus.

Real-Time Language Translation

HITEC 2021 - Hospitality team collaboration from Orion

Hospitality organizations often operate with a multilingual staff. Orion offers real-time language translation so team members receive communications and interact in their native language — eliminating misunderstandings or miscommunications.

The Orion Platform is powered Voice AI-enabled bots and workflows designed to take hospitality organizations on a digital transformation journey to modernize and innovate team communications and collaboration.

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