Providing Premium Hospitality Services with Orion Push to Talk Services and Workflows: Belle Haven Country Club

As a hospitality organization with an enormous property, Belle Haven Country Club is continuously looking for better ways to get everything done. Delivering an exceptional guest experience requires maintaining seamless employee communication to deliver high-quality service every day.

When Radios Failed, They Turned to Texting

Management initially set up a two-way radio system and issued walkie-talkie handsets to staff. However, radio handsets proved too fragile for long-term use, and investing in better quality radios would have been cost-prohibitive. Additionally, the system exhibited problems typical to traditional radio systems, such as missed messages due to limited range.

Out of necessity, managers and staff turned to the other communication tool they had available: their personal smartphones. However, common apps like texting and calling didn’t work for Belle Haven staff either. A groundskeeper making repairs might make multiple phone calls to locate specialty tools and fail to hear back quickly. Group texting was time-consuming for managers and teams. Sometimes managers needed to reach a staff member and discovered too late that they didn’t have that individual’s phone number.

Belle Haven recognized that old methods were failing the team and chose the Orion voice platform to solve their operational difficulties.

Transforming Hospitality Communications with Push-to-Talk, Language Translation, and All Call Workflow

Belle Haven Country Club replaced the radio and cell phone processes with the Orion Pro service. Employees connect through Orion’s unified platform using a mix of devices: Orion Onyx smart walkie-talkies, Orion DaaS devices, or personal smartphones running the Orion Push to Talk app.

Because Orion works over local LTE networks and the club’s Wi-Fi, staff stay in touch anywhere on the entire 150-acre property, an area much greater than was possible previously with radios. Orion eliminates time-consuming calling and texting — now, everyone is available via group push-to-talk as well as direct, one-to-one communication.

Belle Haven’s Orion talk groups are active throughout the day. Every morning, managers and staff log on to their Orion device when they arrive at the club. Employees instantly join their Orion group and monitor for messages or report that they’re ready for work.

To further enable collaboration, the club activated two Orion AI Workflows to streamline communications further. First, management uses Orion’s All Call workflow to reach every worker with a single voice message. All Call workflow makes it easy to distribute safety advisories and essential announcements.

Second, the club activated Orion’s real-time Language Translation workflow to ease communication with staff who speak Spanish fluently but are varyingly proficient in English. Management uses Language Translation during morning meetings, helping team members feel confident that each of them knows exactly what managers expect that day.

With Orion push-to-talk services and AI Workflows, Belle Haven is providing better guest service than ever.

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