5 Ways Enterprise Companies Are Succeeding with Orion Push to Talk


Voice-enabled devices are appearing everywhere in the technology landscape. Smart speakers, TVs, gaming consoles, watches, and of course our own smartphones all have voice technology built into them now. “Voice is primed to become a productivity powerhouse,” as Orion CEO Jesse Robbins wrote in Forbes earlier this year. And enterprise push-to-talk is a cornerstone of voice-powered productivity.

The massive trend is about more than just voice calling; it’s about getting relevant information quickly, controlling equipment from a distance, and having always-on access to groups. More and more enterprise companies are looking for ways to use voice technology to their advantage.

Orion Push to Talk, our workforce collaboration app for frontline teams, provides just that. Orion Push to Talk is a simple, powerful enterprise push-to-talk solution for efficient group collaboration and access to business systems all in one. Teams can connect anytime, anywhere with reliable push-to-talk communication and business automations — using only workers’ smartphones.

Now let’s look at 5 ways enterprise companies are succeeding with enterprise push-to-talk.

1. Keeping employees heads-up and productive

Enterprise businesses depend on the dedication of teams, not solo contributors, to accomplish goals and complete projects. And those teams work most productively when they stay connected to each other while performing their individual jobs every day. But it’s important that the voice tools they use are heads-up, not distracting and time-consuming. Traditional tools like email, voice calls, and texting are all heads-down, whereas enterprise push-to-talk helps workers stay in the moment.

Smart push-to-talk solutions for enterpriseWith enterprise push-to-talk solutions like Orion Push to Talk, workers don’t have to check their phones for updates. Voice messages from managers or colleagues play instantly through phone speakers and headphones, even when the phone screen is locked. So it’s easy for workers to stay focused on a project until the moment they’re needed by their team.

Unlimited communication range also enables enterprise teams to connect anytime and anywhere. This means that coworkers can still take advantage of the high-bandwidth communication value of voice without having to schedule meetings or constantly locate each other in the workplace to check in. Enterprise managers using push-to-talk instantly connect with their teams in the moment, giving and getting important information. Then employees can immediately get back to work.

2. Using voice-driven workflows to accelerate work

Unlike legacy push-to-talk solutions, smart push-to-talk solutions like Orion Push to Talk help enterprise teams to do more than talk. People accomplish increasingly complex tasks by using only their voice.

For example, a multinational mining company uses smart push-to-talk to fill out safety checklists for daily tasks. In doing so, they transformed what used to be a pen-and-paper process into a voice-driven process. When a worker is preparing to begin a routine but hazardous task, they tell Orion to “start my next task.” Then, guided by a voice bot, they run through a safety checklist to ensure they have everything they need to begin work safely. As a result, Orion Push to Talk has broadened the company’s opportunities to share information between teams and even conduct department-wide safety reviews.

Another example of how smart push-to-talk solutions enhance work communications with data is through instant translation. Enterprise push-to-talk with instant translation enables workers to speak their preferred language and be heard in their coworkers’ preferred languages. Organizations can also choose to add profession-specific vocabulary, such as medical dictionaries, to their translation solution. Instant translation is a huge benefit to globally distributed teams who may sometimes face a language barrier.

3. Gaining visibility into team activity with location and status tracking

Smart push-to-talk solutions offer enterprise team leaders two important ways to stay in tune with their teams. The first is GPS Location Tracking, which gives managers insight into their team members’ physical locations. Being able to quickly assess every worker’s location on a map can help managers ease daily planning, save time when unexpected needs arise, and reduce chatter.

The second is worker status. With traditional radio solutions, it was impossible to tell which team members were actively listening in talk groups. With smart push-to-talk solutions, managers instantly read each employee’s status: blue for online group members, yellow for muted members, and gray for offline members. Managers also easily page workers from within the mobile interface, eliminating the need to waste time figuring out how to get employees back online.

4. Flexibility: choosing the right communications tool for each worker

A good enterprise push-to-talk solution also offers flexibility with team access. Workers perform a variety of roles for your enterprise organization, so why not offer them a variety of ways to stay connected? A factory floor worker might need a push-to-talk wearable, while her manager who tends to work at a desk might be more productive with a smartphone-based solution. Smart push-to-talk solutions can serve the needs of both roles. It’s better for the organization and the team if employees can get instant, high-quality voice communication without having to use the same type of device or the same network connection.

Another aspect of device flexibility to consider is legacy solutions like land mobile radios (LMR). Traditional radios typically take months or years to select, configure, and deploy. Also, there’s often a corresponding training cost with legacy communications solutions. For companies that already have legacy solutions in place, they can still add smart push-to-talk easily, because new solutions have interoperability built-in. For an organization choosing its communication solutions for the first time, it makes sense to choose smart push-to-talk solutions that work with more devices than just radios.

Today’s communications solutions are easier to use than ever. With enterprise push-to-talk solutions like Orion, your team can set up devices and start talking quickly, whether they bring their own phones and tablets or use smartphones issued by the organization. Setting up a push-to-talk solution for an organization takes minutes or hours now, instead of months to years as it did in the past. That way, managers don’t need to force everyone on the team to fit the same mold, and organizations don’t have to rip out existing communications solutions.

5. Choosing security-focused solutions

Managers choosing communications tools for their enterprise teams must consider security and privacy. Using unsecured walkie-talkie apps designed for consumers means risking the loss of financially sensitive data, intellectual property, or personally identifiable data. It’s important to choose solutions designed with security in mind.

Enterprise companies choose end-to-end encrypted push-to-talk solutions for their team communications. Strong encryption is one security feature that makes it difficult for outside parties to gain access to valuable enterprise data. Additionally, it’s important that the communications provider not hold its customers’ encryption keys or retain data for long periods of time. Encrypted solutions like Orion use streaming protocols to limit provider exposure to company data.

Individual security features are important for team communication, too. With smart and secure push-to-talk solutions, enterprise managers control access to groups through a central command interface. They also rely on a range of privacy and permissions settings so team leaders can easily create groups, add and remove users, and set speaking modes such as Single Speaker Mode and Listen-Only. Additionally, managers and employees listen to messages privately using headphones and other accessories.

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