How a State College Library Automated Customer Service Requests with Orion

Providing excellent service to library visitors — while trying to get everything else done

Working and communicating with a team across multiple campus locations can often pose difficulties. Messaging tools like mobile phones and walkie-talkies aren’t sophisticated enough to work for teams on the move.

This was the case for a state college where librarians needed a modern, real-time communication tool.

Leading the charge was the Director of Libraries, whose wide-ranging responsibilities included purchasing, managing employees, customer service, and more. These duties meant that she her staff would often be away from the front desk.

The challenge became finding ways to serve patrons who came to the desk while the librarian on duty was away. In the past, library staff had relied on mobile calling when a customer needed help, which proved an ineffective system.

Solving the challenge with Orion and IFTTT

The Director of Libraries worked with Orion to set up a voice alert to ping a librarian when a patron came to the desk looking for help.

Using the integration service If This Then That (IFTTT), they connected the college’s Orion organization with an Alexa account. IFTTT connects thousands of internet services in potentially millions of ways so people can create their own automated workflows. Then, using IFTTT’s easy-to-navigate applet building interface, the librarians created a voice command and an alert for library visitors to use.

To trigger the alert, the patron would simply say, “Alexa, please reach the librarian.” Librarians would then receive a voice notification on their Onyx, no matter where they were on campus.

These alerts have freed librarians to work away from the desk, knowing they’ll never miss a patron who needs help. It also gives patrons direct access to library staff, providing a better customer service experience.

This innovative use of integration has boosted both employee productivity and customer satisfaction at the library, and it has contributed to a more optimized and efficient workplace.

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