Announcing Orion Labs Translator: Real-Time Wearable Voice Translation

UPDATE (01/08/2020): Orion Language Translation supports over 60 languages. To learn more about Language Translation and Orion Voice Bots for Process Automation, visit our AI Workflows page.

My co-founder Greg & I founded Orion to help people do more together, in real-time, using the power of voice. We knew we were in the very beginning of a once-in-a-decade shift to voice as the new interface, driven by a rapid evolution of voice services and technologies. We believed this shift would require a new category of connected devices and services, just as the shift to mobile required touch-enabled smartphones. This is what we set out to build as the first step in our broader vision.

Last year we released the award-winning Orion Onyx, our “smart walkie talkie”, which connects to the Orion Platform. We started with a next-generation push-to-talk service for small groups and teams. Orion-Onyx-app-logo As this has grown, we released Orion Pro, our powerful SaaS-based tool for large organizations to securely communicate and manage their teams using Orion.

From Science Fiction to Production

Over the last 18 months, we’ve been hard at work developing a constellation of new services and integrations that build on our technology and take advantage of the giant leaps in voice services in the industry. As more customers use Orion we have heard a consistent request for advanced language translation for mobile teams speaking many languages. This has been a truly exciting challenge for us, as we are literally building products most frequently described in science fiction.

Today, along with our $18.25m funding announcement, I’m excited to announce the first public preview of Orion Translator, a new type of connected voice bot & service designed to help teams bridge language barriers.

You can see a video of Orion Translator below:

Launching today: Real-Time Translation Between English and Spanish

Orion Labs - Real Time Voice Translation Service is hereThe Orion Translator preview is available for all Orion Onyx customers starting today and initially supports Spanish to English and English to Spanish.

To preview Orion Translator, you’ll need an Onyx and the Orion mobile app for iOS and Android. If you don’t already have an Onyx, you can buy one here.

What’s next

Orion Translator marks two new firsts for Orion: a way to communicate in different languages, and an introduction to voice control.

Real-time translation is just one of the first new voice-driven abilities we are adding. We’re excited to get this into your hands and to continue improving and introducing new useful features that help you do more with the power of your voice.

We’re all really excited about helping people communicate across distances and languages, and we hope you will try it and share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback.

—Jesse Robbins
Founder & CEO
Orion Labs, Inc.

PS: You can also read our full press release about the funding and new product announcements here.

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