Report: Voice in the Workplace

85% of professionals want to use voice tools

People rely on voice communication to get work done. And effective voice communication can improve productivity, save money, and improve customer service. Last year, demand for new voice services, particularly among business users, increased dramatically. Workers and industry professionals also have more options than ever when it comes to shopping for voice solutions.

Our Voice in the Workplace Report uncovers important issues faced by people shopping for voice communications technology and using voice solutions. Download the Voice in the Workplace report here.

Research reveals pain points for users and buyers

The report presents original and third-party research on how businesses of all sizes use voice technology and what’s most important to people shopping for voice solutions and voice technology.

Most importantly, people we surveyed told us about their top frustrations when using traditional voice services like mobile calling, carrier Push-to-Talk, and consumer radios. We found that workers cope with these frustrations by switching between multiple tools, which reduces productivity. Survey respondents use an average of 4.5 communication tools at work.

Voice solutions providers must offer flexibility and ease of use

This research highlights the need for technology and service providers to offer workers flexible and easy-to-use ways to communicate with their teams. Orion strives to deliver excellent user experiences and products that match how people work today. 

Download the Voice in the Workplace report to learn about top pain points for traditional voice solutions as well as how people are using voice communications tools in the workplace today.

About the report

Orion worked with CMG Partners to survey over 900 professionals in a nationwide cross-section of organizations. Respondents worked in the industries of Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction/Contracting, Logistics, Retail, and Hospitality. Survey participants represented a wide variety of professionals, including project management, health and safety, and plant/manufacturing operations.

The report also includes Orion Labs voice and bot data, which was aggregated across all Orion Voice Service users.

About Orion

Orion connects people to services, apps and wearables for real-time business productivity and efficiency. Orion delivers Push-to-Talk services over 4G/LTE and WiFi networks over any distance, with groups of any size. Also available are voice-driven workflow options for organizations of all sizes and in all industries.

Orion integrates with other products and services to help businesses automate communications and activities. Customers can choose the input for these automations, whether it’s voice, location, or other custom triggers. To learn more about how Orion can help your organization, contact us using the form below.