SpeechTEK 2019: The Future of Enterprise Voice

This year’s SpeechTEK brought together voice technology professionals, enterprise users of voice solutions, and industry thought leaders to discuss the future of voice. The conference was held in Washington, DC.

Our Head of Product Ellen Juhlin was there to speak on the panel “Speech Technologies Inside the Enterprise,” focusing on how voice has been opening new opportunities for enterprise applications. Juhlin joined Raul Castanon-Martinez from 451 Research alongside CEOs and executives from Apprente, RingCentral, and Voicea.

The panel explored enterprise applications of speech technology and revealed compelling insights on how speech recognition and natural language will revolutionize the way individuals in the enterprise collaborate with each other as well as machines.

These are the three key themes that emerged from the panel and from our explorations at SpeechTEK:

Voice is increasingly important to industries like hospitality and field services. The need for real-time voice technology that can integrate with enterprise software like Salesforce, Slack, IBM Watson, and other modern or AI-driven tools will only get greater.

In 2019, providers must integrate with their customers’ toolchains. Today’s customer is focused on maximizing operational efficiency, team accountability, and big data management. That means creating solutions that not only use quality voice recognition and highly performant systems but also streamlined workflows, business integrations, and security.

Users of voice applications are comfortable with voice commands. Devices have become better at capturing and understanding natural language, and users have become comfortable with anticipating how a new voice application will respond to them without excessive amounts of explanation or training.

We thank Raul Castanon-Martinez for the invitation to join 451 Research at SpeechTEK. Were you there and want to share your thoughts? Let us know on Twitter.