The New Orion App for iOS: Lighter, Brighter, and More Useful

Onyx and Orion iOS App

We heard your feedback and requests. And we’re delighted to announce a brand new version of the Orion app for iOS. Our user experience, design, and product teams completely redesigned and rethought the app, in a project that was over one year in the making. Available today, the new iOS app does a better job of keeping people heads-up and eyes-free so they can spend less time working with an app and more time working with their team.

Here are just a few of the additions and improvements:

Completely redesigned look and layout.

Orion’s mission is to help people communicate seamlessly so they can focus on doing their best work. We’ve redesigned the app layout, navigation, and color palette for effortless communication.

Instead of dark grey, Orion for iOS is now bright white, improving visibility — especially for our many customers using Orion outdoors in bright sunlight.

Find what you need faster.

Swipe right to see groups; swipe left for important settings. For people who prefer not to swipe, menu and settings icons will open the left and right menus.

View Orion groups without leaving the map/group screen. More easily view team member locations in the map view (no more auto-zooming).

Easily check Onyx remaining power. Did you know that the Orion app kept track of Onyx battery level? Previously, this was a bit inconvenient to find. Now, it’s easy to check Onyx battery level with a swipe instead of multiple taps.

Manage groups without connecting Onyx

Previously, switching and managing groups wasn’t possible unless users connected their Onyx device. Now, people can do more without connecting an Onyx: create new groups, change groups, and add new contacts while inviting.

The new Orion for iOS will be available in the App Store today.

Need help with the new app? Try the getting started guide or knowledge base.

Curious how the Orion engineering team decided on the design and user experience changes in this release of the iOS app? Stay tuned for a post from our design team on our engineering blog and subscribe via Medium for an update.