IWCE 2019 Conference Recap: Witnessing a revolution is exciting. Leading one is invigorating.

This past week’s International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) in Las Vegas brought together all of the biggest names in the critical communications industry. More than 7,000 professionals among the government, public safety, utilities, transportation, and enterprise industries attended the event which featured the latest products and innovations featuring 400 exhibitors. The Orion team was on the ground to showcase our full suite of products, including our new 3D indoor location integration with Polaris Wireless. It was exciting to see Orion’s voice superpowers lead the two major trends surfacing from the show below:

The Future of Push-To-Talk Lives On LTE

Every major player sees that the future of push-to-talk (PTT) technology lives on LTE. At IWCE 2019, it became clear that the technology’s prevalence extends beyond the public safety industry. PTT is essential to enable communication across teams who use a variety of devices on LTE networks.

The Emergence of Indoor Location Solutions

As industries across the board adopt new mobile technologies to improve business processes and enhance efficiencies, mobile teams seek a solution that will help them be better-connected and better-informed, specifically when it comes to locating their workers in multi-floor, indoor environments.

At IWCE 2019, our integration with Polaris Wireless delivered the industry’s first 3D indoor location platform, offering users precise indoor location with vertical accuracy. Orion was able to show live demonstrations of an associate moving around the neighboring hotel with high-resolution detail on a 3D map display. With access to the Polaris sensor fusion technology, Orion can provide this accuracy even in GPS-deprived environments, solving one of the most pressing needs in team communications and location tracking.

Want to see a quick video demo? See Scot Jordan of Polaris Wireless and Greg Albrecht of Orion talking about it on Urgent Communications.

Co-Founder and CTO Greg Albrecht speaking to LMR users about integrating RoIP based communications

Our Co-Founder and CTO Greg Albrecht presented on Friday at the panel “RoIP Gateway: An Alternative to ISSI and CSSI” alongside partners Sonim, JPS Interop, and other companies.

IWCE was a great opportunity to showcase that science fiction communication systems are here now. Orion’s key verticals are looking for one, ubiquitous network, with a wide suite of devices operated by the user in the easiest way possible.

Tell us about your IWCE experience

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