Introducing Orion Dispatch Console: the new standard for the mobile, frontline workforce

Orion is proud to introduce our next innovation in enterprise communication: Orion Dispatch Console. Web-based and requiring no extra hardware and no software to install, Orion Dispatch Console enables a whole new set of workers to participate in real-time communication.

An industry first – Why we created Orion Dispatch Console

Our customers asked for it! Modern enterprise businesses need to be able to connect their teams quickly and easily — without creating additional hardware and software requirements.

Instead of requiring specific hardware, the Orion Dispatch Console is web-based, accessible from any computer with an internet connection. From there, it connects to the rest of the Orion suite of services, meaning that dispatchers connect to teams across an entire organization. Mobile workers use the device that best fits their role — whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, wearables like the smart voice badge Orion Onyx, or even a legacy two-way radio.

Dispatch effectively in dynamic operating environments

Dispatchers organizing work for large field teams need to speak to their team members, monitor locations, and assign tasks rapidly — all in one interface. And mobile workers need reliability above all else, so they can get the right information at the right time to do the right thing — on a mobile device that fits their role. The Orion Dispatch Console is designed to serve the needs of the mobile workforce at every level.

Set up instantly from the cloud

Set-up? Open a browser window, activate staff accounts, and start talking immediately from the cloud. No downloads, no software license keys, no waiting for the IT department to provision new hardware. Dispatchers will be communicating with mobile workers in a matter of minutes.

Connect the mobile workforce to desk workers

Device-agnostic communication with unlimited range — break down every kind of barrier between members of your organization. Whether it’s communicating within one building or across the world, the Orion Dispatch Console is there.

Connect everyone in your organization. Whether someone works at a desk, in the field, is customer-facing, or deep behind the scenes (or under the earth!) they can reach and be reached.

Learn more about Orion Dispatch Console and get a demonstration

Orion eliminates friction for your dispatchers as well as your mobile workforce. What’s missing in your communications strategy? Find out how an enterprise field services company used Orion Dispatch Console to make airline services more efficient.

To learn more, request a demonstration from the Orion Solutions Team by emailing Organizations that schedule a demo by October 11, 2019 are eligible for a discount.

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