Event Recap: Orion at IACP Tech 2019

Orion CTO Greg Albrecht and Head of Business Development Mark Schultz at the Samsung exhibit at IACP Tech 2019.

The Orion team was excited to join public safety technologists at this year’s IACP Technology conference this year in Jacksonville, FL. We met and listened to many of the 1,000 participants who came together from multiple countries including the United States, Canada, Japan, and the Netherlands.

Key themes at IACP Tech 2019

During our time talking to other attendees and presenters, a few big trends emerged at the event.

Streamlined platforms are ready for the field, the car, and the station. Today’s public safety officer deals with too many systems in the car and in the field. While the proliferation of new technology and services has offered agencies more information than ever before, officers now need streamlined interfaces that allow them to maintain situational awareness while staying in sync. New technologies are enabling more heads-up public safety activities by integrating multiple solutions like dispatch, emergency call-out, 911 services, and advanced location into modern platforms.

Over-the-Top (OTT) service is the destination where the communication interoperability problem ends. OTT platforms remove the boundaries created by networks that are neither bespoke Land-Mobile radio network nor Carrier-locked push-to-talk schemes. The ability for agencies, stakeholders, and possibly even citizen responders is now as simple as managing their credentials. For example, Orion’s platform enables voice communications across all mobile networks, including Wi-Fi. Users can communicate using a wide range of devices from the phone they have, to purpose-built Orion-engineered Onyx wearable voice badge and the Orion Sync™ stand-alone device.

Samsung Booth Activities and the Samsung Partner Spotlight

Samsung invited Orion to show off our solutions in their booth at the show. We showcased multiple integrations of the Orion platform on Samsung devices, including the Samsung DeX, Galaxy smartphones, Galaxy watch, and the new PS LTE smartphone.

We also demonstrated how Samsung devices and the Orion platform support the officer in the car, in the field, and at the office with continuous team communication and AI workflow support. Orion demonstrated multiple AI workflows, including our Emergency workflow for speedier safety response.

Ahead of IACP Tech, Samsung featured Orion in their Partner Spotlight, calling Orion a “leading innovator”.

Presenting Advanced Location Services

We were honored to be invited to participate in a panel discussion immediately after the first keynote. Our CTO Greg Albrecht joined Manlio Allegra of Polaris, Reginald Jones of Samsung, and Eddie Reyes of Prince William County to discuss 3D location mapping and how it can help first responders and public safety agencies.

If your agency is interested in accessing pinpoint location services with 10-meter accuracy, ask our Sales team about Advanced Location Services.

Want to learn more?

If your agency would like to know how you can take advantage of Advanced Location Services, the Samsung DeX integration, AI Workflows, and team communication, contact our team and let us know about the challenges you’re trying to solve.