Field teams turn to software over devices: IACP 2019 show recap

This year’s International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference in Chicago featured many exciting announcements and generated news and conversations about how voice services help field teams accomplish more. The Orion team was on the ground at the show, and in this post we’ll report the biggest news and trends that developed.

Our team at the show also spotted new trends in mobile computing and enterprise voice services.

Software supersedes devices as the focus for field teams

Enterprises and government organizations have yet to create standards for using mobile devices in the field. That can lead to problems of workers carrying too many devices or carrying personal devices when they shouldn’t. However, thinking about communication in terms of devices doesn’t address a team’s core needs. What field teams need are solutions that solve their use case, and that starts with software.

Software is more powerful and more flexible than any single device could be. Cloud-based, edge-delivered solutions like Orion now mean that teams can focus less on the form factor of their devices and focus more on what software can do for them. For instance, the new Orion Dispatch Console, demonstrates the value of a converged platform that includes location tracking, call logging, and PTT in one integrated view that can be accessed from any desktop browser. The same functionality is available to mobile users on a wide range of supported devices. When teams choose software — and more importantly, platforms — they stop agonizing over device choices.

Moreover, groups of solution providers are forming alliances to deliver best-of-class services to create solutions that fulfill all customer needs. Partnerships also mean solutions are trustworthy, reliable, intuitive, and diverse. For example, Orion is proud to be a launch partner in the RapidDeploy Lightning Partner program. Orion’s full-featured voice platform enhances the RapidDeploy family of cloud solutions.

Rugged device options for field teams expand with the Orion-supported Samsung Galaxy XCover FieldPro

And now that software solutions are flexible enough to run on any device, field teams can choose the form factor that fits the user role. Mobile device maker Samsung had hard-working frontline workers and field teams in mind when it announced its new rugged smartphone, the Galaxy XCover FieldPro. Designed for durability, reliability, and power, and equipped with a physical push-to-talk (PTT) button, the Galaxy XCover FieldPro is suitable for transportation workers, field service technicians, and more. Orion was proud to support the announcement by showcasing our enterprise voice services running on the  Galaxy XCover FieldPro in the Samsung booth.

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