How a Global Energy Corporation Streamlined Communication and Automated Workflows with Orion

A global energy company implementing its digital transformation

A global energy and mining corporation running an extensive operation in the southwest US looks to innovative communications and digital transformation to improve operations and worker safety.

At the site, the company operates two mines, each of which stretches a mile wide. The desert terrain at this site is extremely rough. Workers face hazards such as open pits, landslides, extreme temperatures and fast-changing weather, dangerous wildlife, and more on a daily basis.

The hazardous work means life-threatening emergencies can arise in a matter of seconds. Employees needed a reliable way to call for help, pass along important safety information, and quickly locate staff when timing is critical. Also, supervisors needed the real-time locations of their teams to dispatch help as quickly as possible.

Increasing communication and reducing risk with Orion Pro and Orion Voice Bots

For a reliable and cost-effective solution to fit their needs, Orion proved a natural fit. After trialing Orion’s connected voice platform, the company adopted it to address their numerous challenges.

For the organization’s employee-issued smartphones, teams use the Orion Pro service along with Onyx for hands-free, heads-up work. For some teams and projects, workers communicate with Orion’s stand-alone mobile app.

Employees have to complete multiple standard operating procedures, such as safety checklists, every day. So the company was eager to utilize Orion’s unique voice bot capabilities to automate frequently-performed tasks. Starting with an important daily worker safety check, they deployed an Orion Voice Bot that walks each worker through numerous questions at the start of their shift. Traditionally, employees filled out their checklists on paper — a tedious process. Thanks to Orion Voice Bots, workers can now complete the safety check with just their voice, and the finished checklist plus any alerts are sent to supervisors for review.

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