Streamline Your Daily Conversations Using Direct Messaging on the Orion Push to Talk app

Direct messaging enables you to speak one-on-one with your team members. You can use direct messaging within the Orion group you use every day to collaborate without distracting other teammates.

When should I use direct messaging?

Group conversations are perfect for when everyone needs to hear what’s going on or when you’re trying to solve a problem but don’t know who can help solve it. In some cases, employees may need to break off one-on-one to leave the group channel free for other conversations.

For example, if you needed to ask “Who has the ladder?” you would send a message to your group. But to ask Kim, “Where did you put the ladder?” that’s the perfect time to use direct messaging.

How do I use direct messaging?

It’s as easy as pressing and holding on the name of the person you want to speak to. You’ll also hear specific sound cues when you send receive direct messages.

Send a direct message:

When you send a direct message in the Orion app, you press on the person’s name instead of the talk button.

  1. Open Orion Push to Talk on your Android or iOS device (you’ll need a paid Orion subscription to use direct messaging).
  2. Join a group where other users are logged in.
  3. Tap and hold on a user’s name and begin speaking.
  4. Let go when you’re done speaking. That’s it!

You might notice that when you send your message, the Orion app plays a special “Go” tone that’s different from the group messaging “Go” tone.

What happens when you receive a direct message:

You’ll know when you’re receiving a direct message from someone because you’ll hear the incoming direct message tone play before the message plays. The direct message tone is different from the usual tone you hear when you receive a message spoken in your group.

More specifically: when someone else in your Orion group is speaking, you see them highlighted on the map and in the member list. If their message is addressing the entire group, they’ll be highlighted in blue. When someone is speaking directly just to you, they’ll be highlighted in green.

Also, when you get a push notification on your phone’s lock screen, it will indicate if the message is sent just to you.

How can I try direct messaging?

Direct messaging is only available to Orion subscribers using the Orion Push to Talk app. Give it a try today!