Direct messaging now available on iOS! New Android app coming soon

We’ve been hard at work building the features that you want most. The most frequently requested features are the ability to send private messages to just one person, and an update to the Android app to bring it the same ease of use and clean look as our iOS app. Starting today, Orion Pro users on iOS can try a preview of direct messaging, and Android users will soon have a brand new app experience!

Available Today: Direct Messaging Preview on iOS

Group messaging is ideal for many situations, especially when you don’t know who has the answer to your question. But there are also times when you know exactly who needs the information you have. Or you want to minimize messages to the group so that everyone can stay focused on what they’re doing.

Starting today, Orion Pro users on iOS can simply press and hold a person’s name in their group to send a direct message. It gives you more control over how you communicate with the people on your team.

Download Orion Push to Talk for iOS in the App Store.



Coming Soon: New Orion app on Android

We’ve learned a lot from our app redesign on iOS. Over the past several months, we’ve completely rebuilt the Android app from the ground up, with simplicity and reliability as our top focus.

Along with transforming the visual design to be cleaner and easier to read, we’ve made the app more intuitive to navigate, and faster to add the people you need to your group.

The new Orion Android app will be available very soon!

At Orion, we are constantly working to give your team more superpowers with instant voice communication. We look forward to hearing your feedback! Please email us at if you have any suggestions or questions.