Orion Labs Inc. Announces Advanced Location Services Solution

Orion delivers the industry’s first high-accuracy 3D location solution

SAN FRANCISCO (April 22, 2019) – Orion Labs, Inc., provider of the award-winning Voice Platform for teams, announced Advanced Location Services, the first high-accuracy, carrier-independent 3D location platform delivered using Polaris Wireless. With Advanced Location Services, Orion provides enterprises and public safety agencies with pinpoint location, both indoors and in high-rise buildings, with floor-level and room-level accuracy. The integration delivers enhanced situational awareness and improved operational efficiency in GPS-deprived environments by tracing the location of Orion-managed devices.

“The indoor location of personnel and equipment assets is a vital piece of the puzzle for many mobile business-critical applications,” said Ramon Llamas, research director at global market intelligence firm IDC. “The Orion Voice Platform addresses this challenge by deploying the comprehensive Polaris 3D location toolkit with APIs, providing proven location technology.”

Orion’s new solution solves one of the most pressing needs in public safety today: knowing exactly what floor or room a team member or 911 caller is located. Plus, Orion customers in any industry using Advanced Location Services can locate team members on the vertical axis accurate to three meters’ distance to keep teams better-informed and better-connected. The technology offers enhanced team performance and improves worker safety across the board.

“For our hospitality and retail customers, this offers the opportunity to greatly improve guest services and the experience they deliver. For public safety and healthcare customers, this integration has the potential to save lives,” said Jesse Robbins, founder and CEO of Orion.

Orion’s customers can subscribe to Advanced Location Services today to allow their teams to see what floor they’re on or which room they’re in, as well as to integrate location awareness with AI Workflows. To learn more, contact sales@orionlabs.io.

About Orion Labs Inc.

Orion Labs Inc. is transforming the way teams collaborate and work using the power of Voice. Orion delivers instant and secure voice and location communication across a constellation of connected devices, applications, and AI-powered services. The Orion Push to Talk app enables mobile teams to communicate without losing focus, on any device, across any distance, without boundaries. The company provides a powerful API and SDK for developers to build, integrate, and create new software, voice bots, and services powered by the Orion platform.

Orion was recently named an IDC Innovator, received a 2019 Edison Award for Materials Science & Engineering and won the 2018 “IoT Wearables Innovation Vendor of the Year” award. The company was founded by cloud infrastructure pioneers Jesse Robbins and Greg Albrecht, who were inspired by their unique experiences using traditional radios as first responders. Orion is backed by leading investors and is based in San Francisco, CA.

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