Voice-Enabled Workflows Part Three: Compliance and Standard Operating Procedures

Compliance and standard procedures often matter most where they’re most difficult, with a mobile workforce operating in busy environments. Effective procedures keep your staff focused on strategic goals, help operations run smoothly, and save your organization from fines and lawsuits.

Orion is a leader in voice-activated compliance automation.  Orion’s procedure workflows simplify the compliance and regulatory process for your mobile and frontline workers at each facility and globally. Procedures that required human intervention are now automated, and the accompanying documentation is produced and distributed to every stakeholder who needs it.

These three workflows enable executives, compliance officers, and HSE officers to ensure that procedures are being followed and documented.

This article is the third in a three-part series about Voice Workflows. Did you miss Part Two: “Workflows for Safety”? Read it now.

1. Make it safer and easier for workers to complete checklists

Making sure safety procedures are followed consistently and knowing they are being followed is a challenge. Moreover, making sure your workforce knows the procedures and that they are always followed is vital to maintaining a safe work environment.

Orion’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) workflow enables you to automate safety procedures. Instead of carrying paper worksheets or opening electronic forms on tablets, your worker simply uses their voice to answer a series of prompts (“Do you have eye protection?” “Yes”). If the worker gives a negative reply (“Do you have a respirator?” “No”), they will be instructed to not proceed with the job until they get one and complete the SOP workflow. Checklists are transcribed and emailed. Managers will instantly be notified whether all documentation has been turned in and if not, they will have it filled out immediately.

Simultaneously, the completed form is filed to your electronic SOP archive, updating your records in near real-time. With the Orion SOP workflow, the act of filling out the form becomes the act of distributing it, which becomes the act of archiving it — without taking valuable time away from your compliance teams.

Your workers will love Orion SOP Workflow because they will be able to complete Standard Operating Procedures more easily. You’ll love Orion SOP Workflow because it will mitigate risk while saving your workers and managers time because important processes are always followed.

2. Speed up and improve compliance documentation processes for HSE officers

Compliance documentation becomes critical at the most challenging times, and poor quality documentation puts your business at risk.

So it’s important to record your efforts in a timely manner. Yet, documenting day to day compliance efforts frequently becomes time-consuming and burdensome. Filling out forms can feel like a distraction, especially for high-performance industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and transportation, where workers are racing to meet deadlines.

Compliance Documentation Workflows expedite the task of documenting work. Instead of having to stop to deal with a screen or find the right paper form, a worker activates the workflow by saying the name (for example, “shift report”), then answers the questions asked by the workflow. The answers are transcribed and then sent to your enterprise data store, and copies are emailed to all relevant parties.

Your HSE Officers will love Compliance Documentation Workflows because your teams will painlessly generate the correct documentation your organization needs to satisfy legal requirements, while saving time for your staff to focus on more strategic concerns of your business.

3. Instantly convert voice to text for searching and archiving

Speed and accuracy are often at odds in fast-paced environments where performance is measured in seconds. Workers continually balance the organization’s short term need to produce daily work with the long-term benefit of logging information. Do you need to have a transcription of all your staff communications? What if your documentation was produced automatically? And saved to a secure cloud-based document that managers can review any time?

Orion’s Voice-to-Text Workflow enables documentation to become part of the routine instead of disrupting the routine. It uses advanced speech recognition and speech to text technologies to turn your workers’ spoken phrases into a readable and searchable archive.

Information is logged to a secure document and made instantly accessible to dispatch and compliance teams.

It’ll be easier than ever to review and recover group communication. No need to pay for transcription or to sort through recording archives. Just search or review your archived documents and see exactly what was said, and when. Say goodbye to the vaulted rooms with binders full of reports- and say hello to a searchable, up to date instantly accessible database.

You’ll love Voice-to-Text Workflows because you’ll finally have up-to-date records of your team’s activities and best practices, making it easier for you to report performance to management and resolve issues across your organization.

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Voice-driven workflows ensure regulatory and process compliance by making documentation easier, faster, and searchable.

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