Orion shines at Samsung Developer Conference 2019: Enterprise teams increasingly depend on team collaboration software solutions

The Orion team had a high profile presence in this year’s Samsung Developer Conference (SDC 2019) at the San Jose Convention Center on October 29. Over 5,000 enterprise developers and technology executives came to Savon Jose seeking to learn more about the latest in mobile technology and productivity solutions for teams.

Orion CTO and Co-founder Greg Albrecht presented on two panels at SDC 2019: “Partner Showcase: Creating Business Apps Optimized for Samsung Devices” and “Samsung’s Mobility Platform: The B2B App Development LaunchPad”.

Albrecht discussed insights from Orion and the discoveries made supplying high tech solutions for mobile and deskless workers. Presenting alongside Orion were technology leaders like LibreStream and Orion partner RapidDeploy. Samsung showcased Orion’s newest enterprise solutions in the SDC exhibit hall for attendees to learn more.

Several trends crystallized  at SDC 2019 in the mobile computing and enterprise voice space:

Orion leads: team collaboration solutions are key to enterprise growth

Orion’s purpose is to enable team collaboration. The importance of this was confirmed in session after session, as executive presenters highlighted team collaboration software solutions as a  driver of enterprise growth. Two factors trigger the enterprise need for collaboration solutions:

  1. Many enterprise devices are reaching end-of-life and businesses are looking at technology upgrades, new software solutions, and device refresh options.
  2. Enterprise companies are moving away from equipping their teams with radios in favor of smart devices that support platform solutions and automation for greater productivity. The new enterprise device model is the multi-function smartphone, not the walkie talkie or other single-purpose devices.

Voice Bots and process automation are central to enhancing enterprise efficiency, safety, and compliance. Enterprises increasingly depend on automated management and team collaboration solutions. The industry trend fits squarely with enterprise team collaboration solutions that Orion provides to enterprise customers today.

Samsung chooses Orion as the killer app for new devices

Samsung announced the release of two new devices, featuring Orion as a key partner for enterprises looking to use those devices: the Samsung Galaxy FieldCover Pro and the Samsung Tab Active Pro. The Galaxy XCover FieldPro and the Tab Active Pro are both designed for durability, reliability, and security. Orion is the killer app to make these powerful devices into high-grade tools for mobile teams. Because of their rugged design, both devices are ideal for transportation workers, field service technicians, workers in heavy industries, and anyone who works in a harsh environment. To make collaboration even easier, the XCover Field Pro is equipped with a physical push-to-talk (PTT) button that workers on Orion can use to communicate in real-time, without looking away from their work.

Samsung proudly showed their partnership with Orion by demonstrating our communications and workflow capabilities on the Tab Active Pro at the Samsung Mobility Solutions booth.

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to learn more about how Orion enables teams to be more efficient and collaborative, contact our Solutions Team by emailing hello@orionlabs.io.

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