Orion Labs Announces Enterprise Voice Platform for Next Generation Push-To-Talk Communication

Voice Company Hires New Head of Sales & Channels, Mort Jensen, to Drive Expansion

IWCE, Las Vegas, Mar. 27, 2017 – Orion Labs today announced a ground-breaking new approach to real-time communications for enterprise and government organizations. Used with Orion Labs’ smart walkie-talkie Onyx, the Enterprise Voice Platform takes a revolutionary approach to push-to-talk technology by making it available to anyone on any network, even WiFI, anywhere in the world.

“Adding the ability for heads-up, real-time, secure communications between teams no matter where they are in the world will be transformative for organizations,” said Greg Albrecht, CTO at Orion Labs. “The Orion Labs Enterprise Voice Platform promises to enable a new level of collaboration by marrying enterprise-grade controls, including flexible communication structure and permissions management with easy-to-use, desirable hardware.”

To spearhead further growth into the enterprise sector, Orion Labs also announced the hiring of Mort Jensen, previously Head of Channels at Samsung SDS America, as the new Head of Sales and Channels. Mort’s focus will be to drive customer growth in commercial and government organizations looking to leverage real-time, secure, heads-up communication and collaboration.

“Our Enterprise Voice Platform will help organizations transform how their employees, partners, and customers interact and communicate,” said Mort Jensen, new Head of Sales and Channels at Orion Labs.“The Orion Labs Enterprise Voice Platform finally brings push-to-talk communications into the modern age, and equips IT departments with the tools they’ll need to effectively manage and secure this communication.”

The Orion Labs Enterprise Voice Platform
With the Enterprise Voice Platform, companies no longer need to purchase complex equipment or radio licenses that require significant training to get users up to speed. Users also will no longer be forced to carry a dedicated push-to-talk phone, bulky radios, or use insecure consumer push-to-talk apps. Simply with a push of Onyx, Orion Lab’s lightweight wearable, a user can talk to an individual or group, delivering communication in an instant, no matter the distance.

With the platform’s web dashboard, administrators have advanced control over group and user permissions and communication structures, as well as visibility into real-time employee availability and location. There are also rich tools available via the Orion Labs mobile app, for improved efficiency whether at the office or in the field. In addition, with FIPS 140-2 compliant end-to-end encryption, enterprise organizations get truly secure communications.

Orion Labs will be demonstrating Onyx and its Enterprise Voice Platform including integration with select business-level bots at Booth 979 at IWCE. Greg Albrecht, CTO at Orion Labs will also be speaking at IWCE on Thursday, March 30th on Wearable Technology. Companies interested in using Onyx and the Enterprise Voice Platform in their organization are invited to check out Onyx at its booth or sign up at www.orionlabs.io.

For more information, or to set up on-site interviews and demos with Greg Albrecht or Mort Jensen at IWCE, please contact:
Rahat Rashid