Orion & Klein Electronics: 3 Best PTT Earpieces for Frontline Workers

The Orion PTT 2.0 Platform is device and vendor agnostic, but Orion works closely with leading accessory experts like Klein Electronics in order to bring the very best PTT experience and solution to customers. Both Orion and Klein know that today’s frontline workers face unique challenges that require Unified Communications (UC) solutions along with the very best supporting accessories to accomplish more with less.

Powerful PTT with Orion and Klein

Frontline operations need technology that supports work on the go, heads up, and hands free. Each frontline industry also has their own requirements for the accessories they use to connect to Orion PTT 2.0. Some frontline industries require ruggedized devices and accessories. Some require technology that supports comfortable, all-day use and wear. Some require discrete earpieces. And some require devices and accessories that can quickly be shared between team members changing shifts.

Orion and Klein engineers understand that technologies must work together seamlessly to meet the operational needs of each frontline industry and the customized requests of each customer.

Orion PTT 2.0 and Klein Electronics Accessories

Orion designed its best-in-class, device and accessories-agnostic PTT 2.0 platform to support frontline operations. Klein Electronics engineers worked closely with the Orion team to design and configure a suite of push-to-talk over cellular accessories that are compatible with the Orion platform. Klein’s PTT accessories are designed to withstand the dynamic and rugged environments of everyday use for the frontline workers that benefit from Orion PTT 2.0.

Here are 3 of the best PTT earpieces for frontline workers:

Klein PTT earpieces for Orion
Klein and Orion provide PTT 2.0 excellence

CURL 1-Wire PTT Earpiece

One of Klein’s most popular designs is the Curl 1-Wire PTT Earpiece. Built for the Orion PTT 2.0 Platform, it has a comfortable fit for all-day wear and certified Waterproof rated IP56.

The Curl is great for industries with frequent shift changes as it has an adjustable earpiece for right or left ear use. The C-Ring can be gently swiveled side to side to adjust it to each user. The speaker rests on the outside of the ear for all-day comfort and safe audio levels. This earpiece can be easily cleaned with a sanitizing wipe, keeping it hygienically sound for every shift. This earpiece is one of the most desired for longer shifts as its C-ring ear loop rests on the outside of the ear for comfortability.

Those most likely to purchase the Curl are typically in retail, hospitality, customer and guest services, security or other more administrative duties where users are expected to wear an earpiece for an extended period of time.

DRIFT 1-Wire PTT Earpiece

The Drift 1-wire PTT Earpiece is just as versatile as the Curl, with an adjustable, comfortable earloop for left or right ear use, as well as adjustable speaker height to ensure it fits comfortably on the ear. Unlike the Curl, the Drift ear tip fits into the inside of the ear canal with enhanced ambient noise reduction ear tips. This style of earpiece is ideal for users in higher noise environments. The earpiece kit includes 3 different sizes of replaceable silicone ear tips to fit a variety of people.

Earpiece accessories for high noise environments tend to be expensive. The affordability of the Drift makes it one of the better earpieces for large deployments of frontline workers. The Drift PTT earpiece is often purchased by users in manufacturing and logistics, warehouse positions, construction, stadium or large event security, and other roles where the outside noise tends to be louder than most positions.

TRIUMPH 1-Wire PTT Earpiece

The Triumph 1-wire earpiece is a comfortable and discreet push-to-talk accessory. With a clear audio tube, this earpiece can keep the team looking covert and professional. The clear audio tube has a quick disconnect lock, giving easy access to clean the earpiece for the next shift worker or simply swap out between users.

The KTUBE-Pro is a replacement option for the Triumph with a longer audio tube This audio tube provides extra length that further enables head movement without tugging on the earpiece.

The Triumph earpiece is typically used by those in need of an earpiece option with a removable audio tube or by those looking for a more discrete option like security or guest services. All Klein Electronics earpieces include a best-in-industry 3-Year Comprehensive Warranty. They are designed with Kevlar reinforced cables, which ensures they are rugged and will last through some of the harshest environments. All PTT buttons have an alligator clip attached, to secure to clothing and remain in place. Each of these three earpieces include an in-line push-to-talk (PTT) button with microphone, making communicating between one another easy and efficient.

Orion and Klein Electronics for the Frontline Workforce

Frontline industries like transportation, logistics, manufacturing, retail, security, hospitality, and more thrive when their frontline workforces are supported with the right solutions and tools that help them increase productivity, customer service, and safety.

When Orion’s fully functional PTT 2.0 is delivered with the right accessories like those from Klein Electronics, frontline workers can seamlessly connect with the people and information they need to do their jobs. To learn more, be sure to check out all Klein Electronics compatible accessories for the Orion PTT 2.0 Platform.

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