Healthcare Workstream Collaboration without Limits

Why a modern digital communications platform enables healthcare workers to collaborate instantly and beyond the four walls.

Healthcare workstream collaboration needs have accelerated with the advent of the coronavirus crisis.  For example, offsite testing and separating frontline healthcare workers from other departments means healthcare teams are more distributed than ever, despite needing to work in lockstep. Constant communication beyond the four walls of a hospital is the new norm, leaving leading healthcare systems scrambling.

Communication between field frontline workers and institutional healthcare systems is critical, with constantly changing collaboration modes and participants. In a single solution, Orion delivers secure, encrypted voice and media messaging together with voice-activated digital workflows for crucial information retrieval and collaboration.  Orion also serves contemporary Workstream needs well beyond traditional hospital-bound communications with real-time location management and dispatch to synchronize healthcare teams, as well as facilities, operations, and security staffs.

It’s easier than ever to implement instant communication and collaboration. Conventional Healthcare communication tech has been tethered to server solutions that are costly to deploy, dependent on Wi-Fi connections and desktop computers, restricted to inside buildings and incapable of supporting the dynamic needs of today’s workstreams.  Orion’s cloud-native solution equips every participant of the workstream, on site or on the road, across the street or across town, with instant communication and access to information. Whether through an LTE & Wi-Fi wearable, handheld, tablet or web browser interface optimized for every role and function, Orion enables superior patient care, expert collaboration, and patient and worker safety and compliance. For those healthcare systems digitally transforming their operations, Orion seamlessly operates alongside healthcare apps, sharing the same devices.

The need for a new healthcare communication solution is urgent. Orion transforms healthcare workstream collaboration — today.