How to choose the right Orion devices for your teams

Having the right tool can make all the difference between a challenging experience and an easy one. Imagine trying to build a table using an orange for a hammer. Or peeling an orange with a pencil. Tools have a purpose, and you need to choose wisely.

Selecting the correct communication tool for your team members is no different. It’s important to consider their roles and the circumstances under which they work. Are they in a quiet environment or a loud one? Is the device likely to encounter heavy use? Are they walking around your facility or driving a vehicle? Will your worker be client-facing? Do they have access to Wi-Fi or LTE? Will they be wearing gloves?

Most organizations will have users in a variety of roles. One of the advantages of Orion over traditional communication tools is its ability to bring your entire organization onto a single platform. Orion is device agnostic and can be accessed through smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, web browsers, and even traditional radios.

In this article, you’ll learn about all the device options your team has when they connect to Orion, so you can choose the most useful device for each team member. You can use any or all of them, in whatever combination best suits your team.

Mobile devices worn by workers and frontline employees to keep them heads-up

APP talkOrion Push to Talk app

The most popular option for accessing the Orion platform is the Orion Push to Talk app, available for both iOS and Android devices. Its easy-to-use native application experience allows for both direct messaging and group communication with a virtual push-to-talk button. It’s also compatible with tablets. Orion Push to Talk is perfect for team members that already use a smart device in their daily work and can safely engage with a device.

Orion Device as a Service

Orion Device as a Service (or Orion DaaS) isn’t just a device. It’s an all-inclusive program from Orion that provides everything needed to start using voice services, without shopping for devices or data plans. DaaS enables your team to use Orion right away.

Orion DaaS is perfect for roles that need a simple walkie-talkie-like experience with a tough device. It’s great for maintenance engineers, construction teams, and crews operating in rough environments. Even some of Orion’s biggest hospitality customers use DaaS; learn how Marriott Buckhead Atlanta uses DaaS to deliver premium guest service.

Orion Onyx

Orion Onyx is a wearable voice badge that connects with compatible smart devices. Onyx is perfect for mobile and frontline workers because it enables them to remain eyes-up and hands-free in a busy workplace.

While wearing Onyx, staff can remain in communication without having to pull out devices or take their attention away from the job at hand. And for teams who aren’t allowed to use texting and other messaging apps, Onyx is a perfect solution. Learn how transportation organizations and large medical centers make the most of Onyx.

Integrations with your existing tools for continuity of service

Orion Radio Bridge: Ease your transition from the traditional

Lots of businesses feel stuck with the use of traditional two-way radios. Enter the Orion Radio Bridge. As your radios break, don’t replace them with another radio. Start to transition to powerful, cloud-based communications from Orion, while allowing both worlds to stay in touch. Users on a radio channel can seamlessly communicate with an Orion talk group while both systems are operational. Then, when the time is right, make the full transition to Orion.

Orion Radio Bridge gives your radio users unlimited range by allowing channels on your radio system to interoperate with Orion talk groups. If you wanted to, you can press-and-talk on your radio and you would be heard halfway around the world in your Orion talk group. Reach radio-equipped staff from anywhere, expand radio reach without needing to add hardware. Learn how a global energy and mining firm extended their reach and range in this case study.

Which Orion devices are right for your teams?

Want to know more about Orion-enabled devices and solutions that can help your organization? Curious what would work for you but don’t know how to choose devices? Contact our Solutions Team at to understand your options.

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