Support your mobile workforce

Most digital transformation enterprise tools aren’t built for mobile teams. This leaves workers in fields like logistics, transportation, and field services dependent on legacy or improvised solutions that weren’t designed with their needs in mind. Give mobile teams a heads-up experience that enables them to communicates at any distance, anywhere in the world without losing focus. Orion voice services keep teams in sync and productive.

Secure, cloud-enabled, and edge-delivered

The Orion Voice Platform provides enterprise voice services that are cloud-based and enable IT departments to provision (and de-provision) accounts and devices easily. Edge delivery of Orion’s real-time voice services means lower-latency communications and automations. And strong encryption protects business data and voice communications from unauthorized users.

Voice Workflows for Safety

Keep everyone in the loop with integrations

Company staff at desks often use desktop-based productivity tools like Slack, email, and Skype, while a worker in the field might use a land mobile radio or rugged phone with push-to-talk functionality. Connect them both without making them switch tools.

Extend the investment in your unified communication solution to the point of work across your entire team — one-to-one and one-to-many. With Orion devices and productivity integrations, your team can collaborate across all functions, communicating across platforms and contexts.

Built for interoperability and delivers breadth of device support

The Orion Voice Platform supports the devices your workforce requires, including a range of rugged, compliant form factors. Use anything from a smartphone to a radio to a laptop. Connect over any carrier or Wi-Fi network, and bridge to traditional Land Mobile Radio systems as required. Need to add devices? Orion’s managed device solutions include connectivity, warranty and support.

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