Energy and Mining Collaboration Software

Transform safety and compliance with the Orion Push-to-Talk 2.0 Platform.

Energy and mining workers face hazards every day. Orion voice services provide automated safety alerts and voice-driven checklists that help teams strengthen their safety culture and operate more effectively.
worker preforming a pre-trip inspection on a truck

Automate compliance procedures

Workers face hazards throughout their work environment, and there are significant compliance issues that often cause fines and delays that hurt production. Orion SOP Workflow ensures procedural compliance for hazardous work.

Raise safety awareness with geofencing

Many worksites include dangerous environments: power stations, manufacturing floors, underground mines, or construction areas. Orion Geo-Fenced Voice Alerts issue instant instructions when workers enter geo-fenced hazard zones.
Orion Geo-fencing Workflows
Dump trucks and roads to deliver ore and auxiliary cargo career on extraction of iron ore.

Give voice to vehicles and intelligent assets

Coordinating vehicles and monitoring complex equipment means enterprises must turn information into communication. Orion leverages your investment in IoT and 5G technology to generate spoken status alerts and proximity-based notifications for intelligent assets. Gain persistent contextual insight into vehicles and assets, ensuring equipment is effectively managed.

Speed up emergency response

When safety issues emerge, responding teams need to get critical information fast — but workers in danger can’t always effectively alert safety teams of what happened and where. Enable real-time emergency response with Orion Emergency Alerts.
paramedic measuring blood pressure and talking to man after accident

Voice AI Bots for Energy and Mining

Orion Voice AI Bots are software integrations and automations that help your team do more with voice. Bots are easy to use — simply speak, and Orion gets it done. Teams use Voice Bots to improve activity reporting and protect team members who work alone.

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Standard Operating Procedures

Mitigate risk while saving staff time. Using their voice, workers initiate and complete safety checklists, which are automatically distributed.

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Geofencing Voice Alerts

Alert workers of critical safety information when they enter a hazardous work site. Notify management when workers or vehicles enter specific work sites.

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Emergency Alerts

Enable your team to call for help, no matter where they are. When an emergency phrase is spoken, Orion alerts safety teams with important location data.

Leading Companies Choose Orion Push-to-Talk 2.0 and Voice AI Bots

“At a past event, we tested the LTE connected solution from [major radio vendor], and nobody on the team wanted to use it. When we deployed Orion’s enterprise voice and advanced location services at our biggest annual event, we saw a huge difference in adoption. Our teams enthusiastically adopted Orion, and we immediately expanded our use beyond the original scope.”
— Radio System Owner at Fortune 100 Technology Company