Dispatch Console for Frontline Teams

Dispatch frontline teams using only a web browser, with no hardware to set up or software to install — ever. Equip your teams across any distance with flexible and reliable dispatch capabilities. Simply open a web browser, log in to Orion, and start dispatching from anywhere.

A major airline services company uses Orion Dispatch Console to rapidly coordinate service requests without using radios or special equipment or software. Learn more by downloading the free case study.

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Coordinate and Centralize Operational Visibility, Management, and Decision-Making
with Orion Dispatch Console

Powerful Web-Based Push-to-Talk

Speak with teams at any distance and manage dispatch with web push-to-talk (PTT). Orion’s cloud-enabled Dispatch Console works in a web browser without installing new software. Create control at central, regional, and local levels for better productivity and effectiveness.

Advanced Location Services

GPS tracking comes standard with Orion Dispatch Console to enable team visibility, mapping, management, and decision-making. For even greater location mapping precision, Orion's Advanced Location Services includes indoor location tracking and precise positioning up to 10 feet (3 meters).

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Message Playback, Archiving, and Compliance

Record, play back, and archive all employee messages and interactions, including voice, text, and visual media. Each message displays the user’s name, date, time, and duration of interaction.

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Dynamic Situation Management

Your dispatch console should help you respond faster in any situation, and Orion Voice Bots help you act fast in an emergency. Cut incidence response time and keep staff safer with Emergency Alerts. Orion Bots deliver on-demand intelligence and empowerment for changing situations, including emergencies and crises.

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