Voice AI Workflows

Your voice puts Orion AI Workflows into action. Do more with your voice, driving productivity and safety with Voice AI Workflows.

What Is a Voice AI Workflow?

Orion Voice AI Workflows connect workers to real-time services and information to work more efficiently and offer a higher level of service. Voice AI Workflows are easy to use — simply speak, and Orion gets it done.

packaged workflows
Packaged Workflows

Purpose-built and easy to deploy in any talk group

configurable workflows
Configurable Workflows

Common actions configured to customer systems

Custom Workflows
Custom Workflows

Tailored to meet unique customer requirements

Language Translation

Eliminate language barriers so you can onboard new and seasonal staff faster and more effectively. Orion’s Speech-to-Speech Language Translation Workflow enables real-time, bidirectional, speech-to-speech language translation in over 60 languages, so workers always communicate and receive information in their native language. 

Use Orion language translation to enable communication
Public Transportation Communications - Orion

Status Check & Radio Check

Automate status and radio checks to avoid delays, so teams get back to work faster. Workers trigger workflows and the system acknowledges the status, confirms all systems are working, and lets teams start work, or continue working, without waiting for a person to respond to a call. 

Voice Automated Checklists

Routine checklists are part of many frontline jobs. You can significantly boost your team’s productivity by replacing manual – often paper-based – checklists with automated workflows. Orion’s Voice Automated Checklists speed up repetitive processes like safety-based checklists, environment inspections, workplace audits, and more.

worker preforming a pre-trip inspection on a truck
Incident Responders - Emergency Workflows | Orion Labs

Emergency Alerts

Remove human errors and delays from emergency response. Trigger workflows with a word or action so the right people are contacted and the correct procedures are followed quickly, efficiently, and effectively. During the incident, Orion captures every data point and records all messages, transcribing them for future analysis or reporting.

Price Check

One of the most common questions you hear on a retail floor is, “What does this item cost?” With Orion’s Price Check Workflow, your workers ask the backend system for a price check and immediately receive the correct price directly from the system without abandoning the customer. It’s fast, easy, and accurate and does not require help from additional staff.

Orion Retail Voice Automation
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SME Access & Data Query

Frontline workers often need  information from other team members or backend systems, but accessing that information is not always straightforward. With Orion’s SME Access Workflows, frontline workers have instant access to backend systems and subject matter experts. They ask their question and receive their answer in real time, eliminating delays.

Custom Workflows

Build your own workflows to automate your most time-consuming processes. Transform bulky and time-consuming paper processes into smart, rapid workflows that save time and increase productivity for your entire frontline team.

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