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In many instances, GPS-based location is sufficient for activities such as team member collaboration, vehicle location or asset tracking. However, there are often instances where basic map location or building-level accuracy is not enough. As an example, in an emergency situation where an injured worker or employee in danger needs to be located quickly with floor-level and room-level accuracy, Orion offers Advanced Location Services.

Take advantage of the industry’s first high-accuracy, carrier-independent 3D location platform. View team member and asset location with precision up to 10 feet (3 meters), even when GPS connectivity is weak.

Asset Tracking
Always know where your team can find critical shared equipment. Attach a location-enabled tag to any company asset and connect it to Orion to help your teams use, maintain, and secure equipment more easily.

Emergency Response

In situations where someone needs to be located quickly and accurately, such as injury or harassment with a lone worker, Orion’s Advanced Location Services can help. Leverage 3D location detail to pinpoint floor-level/room-level accuracy for a housekeeper in duress, the specific location in a warehouse where an injury has occurred, what area of an industrial facility that a missing worker is located, or many other safety situations.

Advanced Location Services is an optional platform element that can be added to your Orion subscription. Combine Orion’s Advanced Location Services with AI Workflows for even more powerful location-driven automations.

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