Automate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Companies need to make sure business-critical and regulated procedures are followed consistently. SOP Workflow simplifies the compliance and regulatory process for your mobile workers. SOP Workflow enhances efficiency and compliance by automating SOPs for mobile workers with voice. Transform any repetitive task into voice-activated checklists and report insights instantly — mitigating risk while saving time for both workers and management.

Geofenced safety alerts enhance compliance and save lives

Some work sites include hazardous locations that increase the risk of incidents. For dangerous working environments at power stations, manufacturing plants, or underground mines, Orion increases compliance with standard procedures by providing contextual, location-specific feedback as workers move between worksites.

Shorten response times

No matter how well leaders prepare, emergencies happen. Responding quickly is critical to minimizing workplace injury and property damage. Rapid response starts with Orion’s powerful alerting system that instnatly delivers actionable information to your entire team.

Protect lone workers and automate remote management

Teams are more distributed than ever: staff may move between sites and work by themselves in a wide variety of situations. Management may also be remote, with only minimal time and attention monitoring mission-critical routine work. To protect your team and ensure people are where they need to be when they need to be there, Orion provides automated management and safety checks at any distance.

Solo worker patroling a building

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