Keep your team in sync

Handling guest needs quickly and conducting daily operations smoothly is essential to guest satisfaction. Make sure front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, food & beverage, casino floor, shuttle, and all other teams can coordinate easily to deliver welcoming guest experiences and successful events. With Orion, your staff can use a variety of devices, integrating with existing systems, to save time, respond rapidly to issues, and provide a high level of service.


Bridge language barriers

Translate more than 60 languages between team members instantly. With Orion Language Translation, team members speak in their preferred language, and you hear what they say in your language.

Track team location by floor and room

Save valuable time when locating staff or dispatching help in an emergency. GPS location data is useless for teams working inside multi-story buildings. Orion Indoor Positioning Services indicate the precise team member location, by floor and room, with 3-meter accuracy.

Facade of Building for Orion PTT 2.0

Protect your lone workers

No matter how well you prepare, emergencies happen. Your team needs tools to act rapidly. Orion’s Panic and Emergency workflows enable your team to respond quickly when your solo workers are hurt or in danger. Hotels, resorts, and other hospitality organizations use Orion panic workflows to ensure that their customer-facing workers (such as housekeepers and room attendants) have access to emergency services.

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