Orion’s Advanced Features Outshine the Competition

If you need more than a fancy walkie-talkie, you need Orion. Our AI bots and advanced features provide more than communication. Orion delivers real-time collaboration to keep your entire team connected, productive, and safe.​

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Discover How Orion Compares to Theatro

Features Orion Theatro
Modern, Scalable, Multi-cloud, Multi-tenant, K-managed Architecture
SaaS, Private SaaS/Hosted, and On-Prem Deployment Models On-Prem only & required for each building
Support for All Modern/Advanced MDMs
Multimedia/Multimodal Messaging
Real-timFully End-to-End Encrypted - Up to FIPS 140-2
Works on any Network (LTE, Wi-Fi, Private)
5G Optimized - Global CDN & Mobile Edge
Enhanced Location with 3D Indoor Positioning
Dispatch Console
Full Message Logging & Transcription
Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Interoperability
VoIP/SIP Interoperability
Rich Set of APIs
AT&T FirstNet Certified For First Responders
Real-time Language Translation
Real-time Voice Bots & Workflows
Voice Bot Rapid Prototyping Tool
Task Management Roadmap


“Orion’s easy-to-use, all-in-one platform supports cross-departmental communication, operational control, and dynamic and urgent situation management, making it the ideal solution.”

— Jason Parfitt, Systems Manager, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

“Our staff need Orion’s always-on, voice-first communication to provide the highest quality of care while overseeing the efficient operation of exam rooms and equipment. Orion ensures our staff is connected, compliant, and safe — no matter where they are.”

— said David Liss, Chief Operating Officer of LAASER

Push-to-Talk Users at Leading Companies trust Orion PTT 2.0

Highlighted Features of Orion’s Push-to-Talk 2.0

AI Bots and Automated Workflows

Use voice-powered automated workflows to speed up manual processes like safety-based checklists, environment inspections, and workplace audits, or to trigger automatic emergency protocols in case of emergencies.

Advanced Location Services

Always know the status of your entire team. Leverage 3D location detail to pinpoint workers’ locations to floor-level, room-level accuracy.

Language Translation

Instantly translate over 60 languages between team members. Team members speak in their preferred language, and you hear in yours.

Multimodal Capabilities

Ensure you are completely informed with Orion’s secure multimedia communication, including voice, text, photos, videos, and files such as PDFs.

Dispatch Control

Set up instantly from the cloud and start speaking with your mobile teams immediately. Access push-to-talk, multimedia messaging, location tracking, and message replay on a single screen.

Situational Intelligence

Stay on top of daily operations with valuable location and proximity data, pattern matching, analytics, and predictive recommendations. Gain valuable contextual data, automation capabilities, and operational control.

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