What Is a Voice AI Workflow?

Orion Voice AI Workflows connect workers to real-time services and information to work more efficiently and offer a higher level of service. Voice AI Workflows are easy to use — simply speak, and Orion gets it done.


Automate your Standard Operating Procedures

Emergency Alerts

Enable lone workers to easily call for help

Language Translation

Instantly translate over 60 languages between team members

Custom Workflows

Automate your most time-consuming processes

Voice Automated Checklists

Routine checklists are part of our jobs every day. Get them done faster by transforming your organization’s existing manual (often paper-based) workflows into voice-powered automations. Orion’s Voice Automated Checklists speed up repetitive processes like safety-based checklists, environment inspections, workplace audits, and more.

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Emergency Alerts

Enable lone workers to easily call for help. Independent workers need reliable ways to get assistance when facing safety and security hazards. Some cities require that employers provide emergency communication options to their staff. The Emergency Alerts Workflow automates your security processes and gets help on the way quickly.

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Hospitality Technology

Price Check

One of the most common questions you hear on a retail floor is, “What does this item cost?” With Orion’s Inventory Bot, your workers use voice-automated bots to ask the backend system for a price check and immediately receive the correct price directly from the system without having to leave the customer to go check. It’s fast, easy, and accurate and does not require help from additional staff.

orion inventory check voice app
retail page inventory queries

Inventory Check

Retail staff get all the information they need about the products in your store in real time. With Orion’s Inventory Bot, they simply use the voice AI bot to ask the inventory system which products, colors, and sizes are in stock. They can request items be delivered to the register, providing better customer service.

Data Query

Backend systems have a lot of information that your team needs, but accessing that information is not always straightforward. Often, frontline workers need to request information from other team members or go find a terminal off the retail floor, causing delays. With Orion’s Voice AI Bots, frontline workers have voice access to backend systems. They simply ask their question and automatically receive their answer in real time, eliminating delays.

inventory query on cell phone voice ai bots

Create a Custom AI Workflow

Automate your most time-consuming workflows. What checklists, forms, and lookup tasks are your teams constantly working on? Transform bulky and time-consuming paper processes into smart, rapid AI Workflows that save time and automatically archive your data.

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Language Translation

Instantly translate over 60 languages between team members. Language Translation is a new type of AI Workflow designed to help teams bridge language barriers. Team members speak in their preferred language, and you hear in yours.

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The Future of Voice at Work

Navigate the 5-Step Journey to creating your digital deskless workforce with a voice-first intelligent collaboration platform

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