Announcing AppTalk Plus and Orion Radio Bridge

AppTalk Plus for Sonim and Kyocera phonesAnnouncing AppTalk Plus and Orion Radio Bridge: Extending powerful voice collaboration platform to LMR and rugged phones

Orion Labs is proud to announce AppTalk Plus and Orion Radio Bridge. Now teams using rugged smartphones and traditional land mobile radio (LMR) systems can use their voice to trigger automated processes, access critical information, and stay connected across any distance.

Many of our customers, excited about the integrations and bots that Orion provides, had already invested in walkie-talkies or rugged smartphones. Today, we’re extending Orion services to include those devices. And by doing so, we’re continuing our work of helping productive teams save time and get more done at work.

AppTalk Plus is available today for Orion customers who own compatible Kyocera or Sonim devices. Orion Radio Bridge is available for pre-order, and will be ready for deployment in Q2 2018. Attendees of the 2018 International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) can get a demonstration at the conference this week in Orlando.

Learn more about AppTalk Plus and Orion Radio Bridge:

AppTalk Plus: Dedicated PTT for Rugged Smartphone Users

AppTalk Plus brings walkie-talkie-style communication to rugged phones — across any distance, across any carrier network, and over Wi-Fi.

We partnered with the device makers Kyocera and Sonim to turn select rugged Android phones with programmable/push-to-talk (PTT) buttons into smart walkie-talkies.

By simply downloading the Orion app from the Google Play Store onto a compatible handset, people can instantly talk with other Orion users, see group members’ real-time location, and use powerful services like Orion Translator for real-time language translation, or Orion’s IFTTT integration for workflow automation.

Learn more about AppTalk Plus and compatible Sonim and Kyocera devices here.

Orion Radio Bridge: Land Mobile Radio with Superpowers

Orion Radio Bridge integrates traditional land mobile radio (LMR) systems with Orion, to extend the range and reach of traditional communications without adding radios or signal-boosting equipment. It also gives traditional radio users all the superpowers of Orion without requiring an overhaul of existing radio setups.

Through Orion Radio Bridge, people using push-to-talk radio handsets can connect to others on the Orion Voice Platform, whether they’re using Onyx smart walkie-talkies, AppTalk, or AppTalk Plus.

We partnered with JPS Interop and Mutualink to make Orion Radio Bridge available to as many radio users as possible.

To learn more about Orion Radio Bridge, read the press release.

Get a Demo at This Week’s IWCE Conference

Orion Labs is at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) this week in Orlando, Florida. Stop by booth 3274 for demos of AppTalk Plus, Orion Radio Bridge, and voice bots.

We’re so excited about AppTalk Plus and Orion Radio Bridge. We’re enthusiastically and aggressively creating new ways for teams to use voice tools that fit the way they work. Most recently we released Orion Pro, the subscription-based Push-to-Talk solution for businesses, Orion Command Center, where teams manage their groups and users, and AppTalk, which turns the Orion iOS application into a walkie-talkie app.

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