Drive project success at the speed of voice.

Project variables change. Customer demands change. Employees’ needs change, quickly. Can your communication tools keep up?

Onyx smart walkie-talkies enable push-to-talk communication over any available network. Onyx pairs with the Orion mobile app, using a smartphone’s data or Wi-Fi connection to deliver real-time, heads-up/eyes-up voice communication for groups and individuals — just like a walkie-talkie, without the bulkiness, licensing requirements, range or channel limitations.

Each Onyx comes with a Basic, free Orion account. For true team collaboration, Orion Pro provides groups with unlimited members, advanced group and user permissions management, an admin console, plus much more.

How Orion and Onyx Help You

Unlimited Range

Onyx works on any data network, even wifi, whether your team is across town or across the world.

Hardened Security

With stream encryption coming standard, your Onyx devices provide a level of security far beyond traditional walkie-talkies.

Real-time Location

See the real-time location of your team members from directly within the Orion App.

Simple Powerful Design

Onyx combines the simplicity of single button functionality with a convenient, lightweight, wearable with a battery that lasts all day.

One-to-One & Groups

Reach one, some, or all of your team members with the touch of a button. Switch between groups with the swipe of your finger.

For iOS and Android

Onyx is compatible with most iOS and Android powered phones.

Unlimited Users (Orion Pro)

Enjoy no limits to the number of people you can invite to your groups.

Advanced Administration & Management (Orion Pro)

Whether from within the app or from the rich web-console, have complete control over groups, users, member privileges and more.

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