Improve Frontline Communication with Orion Push-to-Talk 2.0

Empower your team with unlimited range, high-quality audio,
and multimedia messaging.


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Stay Connected to Your Entire Team

  • Communicate with low-latency push-to-talk that works even on low bandwidth connections.
  • Monitor team members’ locations, to floor and room level detail, with Advanced Location Services.
  • Coordinate team operations over any distance or network, including LTE (5G-ready), private LTE (CBRS), Wi-Fi, satellite, and mesh.

Communicate More Effectively

  • Share all relevant information, including voice, text, photos, videos, and files such as PDFs.
  • Communicate your way, including iOS and Android smart devices, radios, web browsers, rugged devices with dedicated PTT buttons, and more.
  • Collaborate hands-free one-to-one, to groups, or to the entire team.
  • Record every message for after incident reporting, process optimization, and compliance.
  • Instantly translate over 60 languages between team members to ensure everyone is understood.

Manage Teams Better

  • Coordinate and centralize operational visibility, management, and decision-making with Orion Dispatch Console.
  • Set up instantly from the cloud and start speaking with your mobile teams immediately.
  • Access push-to-talk, multimedia messaging, location tracking, and message replay on a single screen.

Maintain Security

  • Communicate securely with End-to-End Encryption (E2EE).
  • Gain Situational Intelligence and monitor daily operations in real time.
  • Use voice AI bots to trigger automatic emergency protocols in case of emergencies.

Automate and Optimize

  • Use voice-powered automated workflows to replace manual processes like safety-based checklists, environment inspections, and workplace audits.
  • Stay on top of daily operations with valuable location and proximity data, pattern matching, analytics, and predictive recommendations.
  • Provide real-time intelligence by connecting teams with corporate systems, knowledge bases, and third-party services.

“Orion’s system provides the communications functionality, dispatch capabilities, and safety procedure workflows that our staff need to ensure that our residents’ lives are safer, happier, and healthier."

— Tom Caprio, Director of Information Technology, Maplewood Senior Living

Push-to-Talk Users at Leading Companies Trust Orion PTT 2.0

The Next Generation of Unified Communications for the Frontline Workforce

Learn more about the next generation of Unified Communications for the frontline workforce. Get Orion’s Push-to-Talk 2.0 E-book today!

Learn more about the next generation of Unified Communications for the frontline workforce. Get Orion’s Push-to-Talk 2.0 E-book today!