What’s in a Symbol? Behind the New Orion Logo

When Orion decided to rebrand earlier this year, we knew we had a lot of projects ahead of us. The foremost was creating a new logo to lead the expression of our company identity. We wanted to be thoughtful in our approach. As a rapidly growing company, we needed a logo that could grow with us while still representing the core values we’ve held close since the beginning.

ORION_OrionLabs RGB Logo Right Lockup_070115 sm

The idea of constellations was a major source of inspiration. That much is clear in our name alone — Orion’s belt is one the most recognizable constellations in the night sky. Just as bright stars come together to form the most recognizable constellations, talented individuals form teams to achieve lasting positive impact. We wanted our new logo to represent the idea of human constellations, both inside our own company as well as those formed by our customers.

After an exhaustive search, we chose Muse Brands as our partner in translating this idea into art. Our internal team, including Chayna Girling (Employee #1) and Arlen Abraham — worked with Muse’s Chief Creative Officer Patricia Ebner over three months and generated over 50 different concepts. Ultimately, we refined the best of our creative output into the logo you now see on our website and social media channels.

Orion engineer Andy Isaacson

We put a great deal of thought into the symbolism of the shapes in our logo. The four stars come together to form a circle in their center, representing the idea of individuals collaborating to create something beautiful. The circle symbolizes focus and unity, characteristics that make a great team. Inside the Orion wordmark, there are three additional circular elements, evoking the three stars in Orion’s belt.

The color treatment of our logo also required weeks of care and intention. Blue inspires a sense of security and trust. The exact hue was inspired by Orion engineer Andy Isaacson’s signature hair color.

Ultimately, it’s Orion’s customers who inspire us to make group communication more seamless every day. We look forward to bringing you more tools that enable beautiful collaboration.