Welcome to Our New Home

After getting our start at Heavybit, we’ve now moved out on own to our first official headquarters. The building, an old factory located in San Francisco’s Mission district, embraces both OnBeep’s industrial background and its design focus. We’re very excited about our new home, so we wanted to share a sneak peek with you!

Aura and Atmosphere
We wanted to keep it in a fairly neutral palette with a few select pops of color. We loved the industrial elements in the building, so we kept the beams exposed and have original floors. We wanted to stay true to our industrial, inventor roots.

A Little Personality
With three conference rooms in our new home, the team initially was thinking about naming the rooms after items that come in sets of three. Suggestions ranged the gamut from star clusters to one suggestion of naming the rooms “Rock,” “Paper” and “Scissors.”

But after the debates settled, we decided to dedicate the conference rooms to female pioneers in engineering and computer. We sourced suggestions around the office and engaged in some pretty heated debate about who the honor should go to.

Finally, we settled on three names — Ada LovelaceGrace Hopper and Marie Curie.

Making It Work

Our Electrical Engineering lab started off modestly. Jesse built a bench built for Chayna Girling out of shelving & a tabletop hidden at the end of a hallway.

It worked… but just barely. We knew that when we had our own space, it would be worth investing in a real for our engineers to do incredible work from.

Building EEville…

Chayna took on the task of designing & building our new lab, dubbing it “EEville”. She sourced salvaged electrical benches with proper tops & lots of power.

She then modified them with customized legs to let them stand at the desks instead of being in a chair all day.

Welcome to “EEville” at OnBeep. We’re really happy with the results.

Coffee Wars

Even though we love the new place, there is still one point of contention in the office. In true San Francisco style, it’s coffee that sparks some of our most passionate office debates.

We’re trying to figure out everything with the coffee from what bean to carry, which grinder to use and how to brew it. Right now, we have coffee beans from Sightglass, Four Barrel, Blue Bottle, Linea, Stumptown and more. Everyone has a favorite.