Voice-Activated 911

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Connect your mobile workforce to 911 when they can’t call or text

Today’s mobile workforce often needs flexible options when it comes to requesting help in an emergency. For workers in industries like field services and transportation, it’s inappropriate to use smartphones, make phone calls, or send text messages, but those workers still need access to 911 services during emergencies. So how can companies keep their workers protected?

Orion is a leader in voice-activated 911 automation. Orion connects mobile workers, such as drivers, directly with 911 dispatchers without requiring them to unlock smartphones. Enable Next-Generation 911 functionality and Kari’s Law protections for mobile and frontline teams with Orion.

Orion’s Voice Activated 911 solution can:

  • Enable mobile workers activate a 911 call using only their voice, while staying hands-free and heads-up
  • Automatically transmit critical contextual information such as location, environment, worker name, and callback path to 911 dispatch
  • Trigger automated workflows to notify company personnel
  • Enable real-time incident logging for future audits

Learn more about Orion Voice Activated 911 solutions for your business: contact our Solutions Team.

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