Sweat, Mud and Snow: Cyclist Matt Roy Puts Onyx to Work

Matt Roy and his wife Mo Bruno Roy are competitive cyclists. He specializes in long distance events, known as ultracycling. She participates in cyclocross. Although the two disciplines are very different, there are several areas where they overlap. Chiefly, both require a team of people behind the scenes working together to make sure that Matt and Mo have the best races possible. And communication is one of the most essential components to making a great race happen for both riders.

In ultracycling, races are over 200 miles long. With the team spread out over such a long distance, it’s vital that Matt be able to stay in touch without having to fumble with extra equipment. “Onyx is a great way to relay information to the support vehicle without having an earpiece,” he explained.

For cyclocross, though, the communication needs are a bit different.

“Cyclocross requires lots of communication between mechanic and rider,” Matt explained. “Mo usually warms up a number times on the course prior to her race, and we’ve used Onyx to relay information about tire pressure, course conditions and any pending changes to the bikes like tire choice, gear choice or any other adjustments.”

But it isn’t just at competitions and on the trails that Matt and Mo find their Onyx useful. It’s also come in handy on their snowy commutes.

“I commute year round by bike — yes, even with the 70″ of snow that Boston has received this winter!” he said. “My wife and I use Onyx to check in with one another during our snowy commutes, which also means using it on errands. A typical post-work exchange may be: ‘I’m close to the Whole Foods. Should I pick up a bottle of wine?’ ‘Hell, yes!’”

Whether you’re collaborating with a team or just looking to find an easier way to speak with the people you care about, Onyx simplifies group communication. Order Onyx today to stay in touch with the important people in your life.

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