Running with Onyx

Since Onyx was released last year, we’ve seen several different ways people are putting theirs to use. We’ve shared stories about skiing and cycling with you, but we’ve also seen tweets from people using their Onyx while running. So, we decided to check in with some of those runners.

When friends Riley and Whitney started running together after work, it started off easy enough. They signed up for a program that started with running and walking intervals, so speed wasn’t much of a concern. But before long, they ran into a problem: Whitney was the faster runner, but Riley was more familiar with the running routes in their San Francisco neighborhoods.

So, they decided to give Onyx a shot.

Before heading out on one of their post-work runs, they created a group on the Orion app (appropriately named Whit + Riley Run!). Then, they laced up their shoes, got their favorite playlists ready and clipped their Onyx to their shirts. Despite their different speeds, they knew they’d be able to keep track of each other in the app and stay in touch using Onyx along the route.

“On our first run with Onyx, we were running a loop that Riley runs all the time, but I’d only been on once or twice before,” Whitney explained. “When I wasn’t sure where to turn, it was really nice being able to just ask her instantly with Onyx.”

The group map in the app also proved useful — when Whitney finished running, she could get an idea of how long she would be waiting for Riley by simply taking a look at their locations on the map.

“As the slower runner, it’s nice that Whitney can keep track of where I am and when I’ll be finished without me having to pull my phone out of my armband or break my focus,” Riley said.

But it isn’t only running directions that the two are using their Onyx for. On a sunny afternoon recently, they used them to change their route mid-run and coordinate some post-run refueling at Humphry Slocombe, a local ice cream spot.

Whether you’re bringing your friends together or trying to stay in touch with your family, Onyx makes group communication and coordination easier. Order Onyx today to stay in touch with the important people in your life.

How are you using Onyx to stay connected with your friends and loved ones? Let us know and you might see your story featured on our blog.