Press Release: Orion Unveils New Onyx

Orion Unveils New Onyx

New Screen-Free Accessory Makes Instant Voice Communication Possible Across Any Distance

San Francisco, CA – February 17, 2016 – Today Orion unveiled the new Onyx, a single-touch wearable accessory that unites people in real-time without the distraction of a phone screen. Onyx is the newest product from Orion, a company that creates communication accessories to bring people together across any distance. The all new Onyx is available for pre-order starting today at

Onyx solves communication challenges we face every day, by making it easy to talk with anyone, anywhere in the world instantly, as if you were in the same room. Onyx is perfect for:
Anyone with a mobile phone who has missed a moment because they were distracted looking down at their phone; Group coordinators of events or meetups; Small and midsize businesses looking to seamlessly connect teams in real time without expensive, complex subscriptions; Parents delegating childcare, adding last minute items to a shopping list and managing birthday parties at the same time; Sports fans who want to connect with friends at the tailgate, arrange ticket pick up, and find seats at a game; Anyone responsible for coordinating logistics and in need of a hands-free option; Active people in need of heads up communication while driving, riding a bike, in the kitchen, etc; Friends tired of texting “where are you;” Onyx has optional location sharing in the free Orion companion app

“As our world becomes dominated by screens, many find themselves fighting for focus. Voice is often our most natural communication tool,” said Orion cofounder & CEO Jesse Robbins. “With the new Onyx, we start with the ease and intuitiveness of voice, and amplify its effectiveness with the versatility and range afforded by modern technology. This brings us one step further in our vision to create the most streamlined communication experience ever available on the market.”

The lightweight, sleek Onyx seamlessly connects with leading iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth LE wireless technology, delivering instant communication over wireless and cellular networks, anywhere you have an internet connection. Have as many conversations with as many people as you like; use the companion Orion app to create groups for different conversations while you're on the go. With it’s unique clip, Onyx can be worn on a shirt, jacket, necklace or bag strap to fit with your lifestyle for heads up conversation no matter your plans. And Onyx comes in a variety of colors so you can choose the one to best complement or accent any look.

The Orion experience builds on the ease and intuitive qualities of voice communication to make products and services people can use every day to talk to loved ones, regardless of distance.

Presales for Onyx start today with exclusive introductory pricing for a limited time: $129.99 for one, $249.99 for a pair, or a Team Pack of 12 for $999.99, after which standard pricing will go into effect at $149.99 for one, $279 for two, and $1299.99 for a pack of twelve. Pre-orders are expected to start shipping Spring 2016. Find out more about Orion and Onyx by visiting

About Orion
Orion is a San Francisco-based company dedicated to connecting people through seamless voice communication. Orion’s core belief is that you should be able to communicate with people who aren’t by your side, without yelling or getting distracted by your phone, giving you more time and ability to focus on the moments and people around you. Founded in 2013, Orion is backed by leading investors and global communication brands. To learn more, visit

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