OnBeep Debuts First Product, Onyx

OnBeep Debuts First Product, Onyx

New Wearable Device for Real-Time Group Communication

SAN FRANCISCO – November 5, 2014 – Today OnBeep announced the launch of its debut product, Onyx, a new wearable voice communication device that allows groups to collaborate effortlessly in real-time.

Onyx lets users connect with each other without having to look down at their phone. Weighing just 46 grams, the small, lightweight device can be clipped to a shirt, jacket or bag strap so users can enjoy heads-up communication virtually anywhere – from traveling to a music festival, coordinating an event or volunteering at a charity run.

“When people work together, nothing beats actually talking to each other in real-time,” said Jesse Robbins, CEO and founder of OnBeep. “Onyx enhances the way people communicate, delivering effortless, group collaboration, using the power of your voice.”

Onyx connects to the OnBeep app on a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth, delivering instant communication over wireless and cellular networks across any distance. The app lets users create and manage groups on the fly, and team members can share their location on a map, making it easy to keep track of each other in real-time. Onyx works with both iOS and Android smartphones, providing users on both platforms a new, simple way to connect with each other with the push of a button.

The OnBeep team is a diverse group of 24 designers, engineers and artists who previously worked at Apple, Amazon, Google, Nextel, Reebok, Ralph Lauren, Splunk, iRobot, Motorola, Chef, Ekso Bionics and Meyer Sound. Additionally, OnBeep is partnered with PCH Access, a hardware manufacturing accelerator, to produce the product this year.